Top Family-Friendly Activities in Batemans Bay


Sun-kissed beaches, sparkling waters and that laid-back Aussie charm—Batemans Bay is a family haven where kids rule and smiles come standard. Ditch the packed itinerary and all the worries associated with it. Here, relaxing days and laughter-filled evenings are the recipe for an unforgettable escape.

Planning a holiday in Batemans Bay with the entire family? Listen up!

Beach Bliss for Little Splashes

Let’s face it, beach days are the gold standard, and Batemans Bay delivers with options to suit every sandcastle architect. Here, you can splash in calm waters that are perfect for paddling and building empires. 

For something livelier, there are spots for gentle waves that beckon surfers and boogie boarders. Need shade? You can opt for a picnic where trees lean towards the sand, offering leafy respite from the midday sun. Beach bliss awaits, so don’t forget the sunscreen and snacks.

Corrigans Beach, Maloneys Beach and Long Beach are just a few examples.

Animal Encounters That Wow

Who doesn’t love furry friends? Batemans Bay has them in spades. Birdland Animal Park brings the world closer, with colourful feathers fluttering and scales shimmering. Kids can hand-feed cheeky lorikeets, spot wallabies hopping playfully and even meet a resident koala (because, Australia!). 

For something a little wilder, Clyde River Cruises whisk you into a dolphin playground. Watch these playful creatures frolic alongside the boat, leaving everyone squealing with delight.

Adventures on Land and Sea

Restless legs? Batemans Bay has the cure. Lace up your walking shoes and explore the Batemans Bay Sculpture Walk, where art pops up alongside stunning ocean views. For a dose of history, venture into the Batemans Bay Heritage Museum, where tales of pirates and shipwrecks come alive. 

Feeling adventurous? Grab a kayak and paddle along the Clyde River, spotting turtles basking on logs and pelicans soaring overhead. The Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens offer a different kind of thrill—a vibrant maze of colourful blooms and hidden pathways, perfect for little explorers.

Fuelling the Fun

After all that excitement, tummies start to rumble. Batemans Bay has an answer for every craving. Fresh seafood stars the show, with fish and chips a must-try at the harbour. For the pizza aficionados, wood-fired ovens churn out masterpieces at local cafes. And for sweet tooths, homemade gelato with sprinkles of Batemans Bay sunshine is the ultimate happy ending.

Nights Under Starry Skies

As the sun dips below the horizon, Batemans Bay transforms into a canvas for stargazing. Spread a blanket on the beach, count the constellations and whisper wishes to shooting stars. The quiet hum of the ocean will lull even the most energetic adventurers into a peaceful slumber.

Batemans Bay isn’t just about ticking off a list of attractions. It’s about etching moments—building sandcastles that touch the sky, watching dolphins paint the waves with joy and sharing stories under a sky brimming with stars. It’s about laughter echoing through the air, sticky fingers from shared ice cream cones and memories that shimmer like seashells long after you leave. 

Pack your smiles and beach buckets, Batemans Bay (a.k.a. your family’s new adventure playground) awaits!

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