Top Features in Jira Software to Take Advantage Of


About Jira Software

Jira software uses agile technology to operate. This software allows you to choose your own preferences so that everything is according to what you need and desire. You can choose whether you want a kanban or scrum design and set it up so that it suits your preferences completely. This software allows you to take care of your project management needs easily. This product is so versatile and adaptable to your needs that it allows you to enjoy it unlike any other.

In this piece, we will be telling you about what Jira software can give you which you might not be able to get anywhere else. Jira management tool is becoming very popular and with good reason. We will give you a run down of some of the top features of this software and why it is so good to use! Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Top Features in Jira


One of the features you get with Jira software is flexibility. This feature allows you to adjust the software however you want it. Managing a project is not easy and can be quite stressful. With a Jira tool, you are able to make the process a lot easier for yourself because you get access to some great features which make it ideal for you to manage things. The software lets you choose whether you choose a kanban or scrum style which can be further customized to your preferences as well. Being able to choose a board allows you to make sure that you are maximizing efficiency!


Another great feature in Jira software is the roadmaps feature. This feature allows you to make a roadmap which serves as a visual aid for your project. This allows you and your team to have a visual reference for the stages the project will go through which they can reference at any given time during the project. You can make a map which can be changed later on as well because the software makes it very easy to edit everything at any given point. Being able to map a project according to various tasks also allows you to set deadlines for them and have a definite date for when a project will be completed.


It is only when you use a Jira tool that you realize exactly how powerful the tool is. This software is built with an agile or scrum project in mind which means that it is able to handle almost anything. You are given access to dozens of features because of this tool which makes it easier for you to come up with roadmaps, make edits and execute plans. A great thing about this software is that you never have to experience it lagging or slowing down because it cannot handle the amount of work you want to make it do; it will always cope and execute tasks within minutes so you do not have to get frustrated having to look at a loading screen!

Anyone can Use it

One thing every good software should have and which Jira software leads in is accessibility. This feature of the Jira management tool makes it such a popular option among companies. The software is so easy to use because of its simple user interface that users can hit the ground running when it comes to work. The software allows you to make sure that you do not face a learning curve when it comes to it and that you can easily get used to it and start making roadmaps on it, executing tasks and much more in no time at all! This not only saves you time but also a lot of effort!

Reporting Features

The reporting feature with a Jira tool allows you and your team to keep on top of work and deadlines at all times! This feature allows you to generate automatic reports which measure the efficiency of your work, look at timelines being followed and give you a fair and accurate idea about your progress. This report is important both for you and your client because it gives a realistic expectation of when a project will be completed. This helps set expectations and also alerts you about anyone who is not performing as well as they should be. This keeps everyone involved in the work and ensures no one is slacking off!

Jira Software Cost

If you are wondering about the Jira cost, then you will be very happy to know that the software has a free version as well. This version allows for access to limited features and also limits the number of team members you can have with it. Another package for the software costs $7.50 per month for a single user, you can add as many users as you please. The premium package for this software costs $14.50 which allows you to make sure you have access to every feature this software has to offer and allows you to add as many users as you want!

Is Jira What You Need?

Now comes the final yet all important question; is this software what you need? Well, we suggest you list down all the features your ideal project management tool would have and then compare those features to Jira management tool and see whether it serves most or all of your needs.

We also suggest you ask the vendor for a trial of the software before you commit to it because this will help you to make sure your expectations from the software will be met. We also suggest reading about Jira reviews online to see what long time users of the software have to say and whether their experience with the software was good or not!

We are sure whatever decision you make about Jira software will be right for you!



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