Top Five Classic Movies From The 60s For Movie Buffs


Do you consider yourself old school?

Do you feel nostalgic for an era you weren’t even born in! (Yes, there is something fundamentally wrong about this statement, and we cannot really explain this, but we definitely feel it.)

This is one of the reasons why we need something old school to rekindle those cozy and fuzzy feelings within us sometimes.

Now that we are talking about the onset of the old school. How about some old-school movies from the golden age of Hollywood.

Yes, I am talking about the 60s.

Where movies with idyllic romances and driving happily to the sunset were a thing.

But, at the same time, we had Hitchcock with his mind-bending psychological thrillers.

There is a reason why the 60s were known as the Golden Period of Hollywood.

If you want to indulge in some good old-school movies from the 60s, then sit back and enjoy the list.

Where To Watch These Movies

Yes, we know we have all the OTT platforms and on-demand platforms with which we can subscribe.

However, there are a few classic movies that you can never get from these on-demand streaming platforms.

You can subscribe all you want. This is why we are bringing you the best solution.

Cancel all your subscriptions from these platforms and get all your classic movies for free.

Yes, for free!

What Kind Of Movies Will Be Getting

Since there are such excellent movies from the 60s, it is a little difficult to choose. This is why we are getting you some of the best movies based on the genres.  You will also get many great preserved films as well.

So, for that, we have selected these five genres.

  • Film Noir
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Musical
  • Drama

The underneath mentioned list will have the element of all four.

Top Five Classic Movies Of The 60s

Now, the wait is over. You can finally have your list and download it.

1. Man Trap (1961) – Film-Noir

Although film noir is more for the fifties, this movie always takes the charm when it comes to experiencing a good film noir with a unique story.

The story is about two Korean war veterans who were able to plan a heist at the San Francisco airport with the help of one of the man’s rich wives.

However, it all takes an unfortunate and quite an adrenaline turn when it comes

2. The Birds (1963) – Thriller

One of Hitchcock’s finest works and a literal nightmare for anyone with ornithophobia.

Just imagine yourself moving to a new land, just for the purpose of a practical joke, and suddenly being attacked by all the birds there.

If you want that little thrill in your movie nights and all the aesthetic of a classic movie, then The Birds should be a perfect choice.

3. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) – Romance

No matter what you say, this is one of the most iconic movies ever made in Hollywood.

The iconic dresses!

The beautiful New York City! & The mesmerizing Holly Golightly was played by the legendary Audrey Hepburn.

Among the wilderness of the 60s, city life was a budding romance.

4. Let’s Make Love (1960) – Musical

Rich in wealth and lacking in love!

A pioneer tale of this 1960s musical, and not to mention-

Marylyn Monroe!

A musical comedy that has a compelling, funny, and equally romantic story. But, to top the icing on the cake, it has the classic sparkly dance numbers of the beauty Marylyn herself.

5. This Property Is Condemned (1966) – Drama

This romantic drama is sure to make your eyes glossy and activate your tear ducts.

Starring two of the most iconic ensembles at that time, Robert Redford and Natalie Portman’s ‘This Property Is Condemned’ is no short of a drama angst masterpiece.

You will find love, passion, tragedy, and drama all packed in one.

A Dip In Nostalgia!

Yes, nostalgia is a lie!

Because we have been feeling it for eras, we haven’t even been born yet.

This is why we need frequent doses of this classic movie so that we can get a little dosage of that life through the eyes of cinema.


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