Top five goals in a Champions League final


The Champions League is the best European club competition around and when it comes to the final there is nothing like it for entertainment. Companies promote some of the best free bet offers, managers lose their cool and fans cannot concentrate on anything else that day. However, the players have to be at their best and produce in the big game. Here are five of the best final goals.

David Villa, Barcelona vs Manchester United 2011

The final between Barcelona and Manchester Untied at Wembley was a repeat of the final two years previously and once again Barcelona came out on top. With the game poised at 2-1 and in the balance it was down to David Villa to secure the game.

With Lionel Messi jinxing past Nani and Patrice Evra, he caused confusion amongst  Manchester United back line. Michael Carrick did win the ball back but Nani lost it on the edge of the box to Sergio Busquets who laid it off to Villa at the top of the semi-circle.

This is where Villa showed all the composure in the world; it was as if he was on the training pitch. He took one touch and bent it past Rio Ferdinand and left the six foot four goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar scrambling as the ball slotted into the top corner of the goal.

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen 2002

In 2002, Zidane was arguably the best player in the world and in this final he showed why he was. The game was approaching half time and Real Madrid had been pegged back by a Lucio header. It was time for Zidane to step up.

Madrid managed to build up an attack down the left-hand side through Solari and Roberto Carlos. Solari played a ball over the top and when it looked like Zoltán Sebescen was the favourite to win the ball, Carlos was able to hook one into the air. The ball seemed to go into the atmosphere but Zidane watched it so intently that when it did drop his left foot was waiting for it. The left footed volley from the edge of the box went flying past Hans Butt who had no chance as Zidane thundered it home.

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid vs Liverpool 2018

Now Zidane was in the dugout not controlling the proceedings from the centre of midfield and was watching his side battle through a tough game with Liverpool. As the game was into the final 30 minutes, Gareth Bale did something that his boss would have been proud of.

With attacking left back Marcelo looking to test Trent Alexander- Arnold, it looked like the right back had one on him. However, Marcelo was able to switch onto his right foot and float one into the centre of the box in between the edge of the box and the penalty spot.

The ball looked like it had been played behind everyone until Bale used all his ability to produce the most unexpected overhead kick. His left foot volley left Loris Karius flying in the air nowhere near the ball and the rest of the Liverpool team were left bemused as to how he did that. Truly sensational.

Mario Mandzukic, Juventus vs Real Madrid 2017

The previous year Mario Mandzukic thought he had scored the best overhead kick goal in a Champions League final before Bale challenged him a year later. However, you cannot take anything away from the Croatian’s goal.

With Juventus 1-0 down, they needed something special to get back into the game. They did. A long ball to the left by Leonardo Bonucci found left back Alex Sandro who was able to hit the ball first time into Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentine took the ball down on his chest and poked it towards Mandzukic who took it down on the chest himself to create his own chance. He watched the ball drop, whilst under pressure from Casemiro and Dani Carvajal, and volleyed the ball into the far side of the goal over Keylor Navas.

To do that from the edge of the box was spectacular and it left everyone watching stunned.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 1999

There is no argument that this is the most dramatic goal in Champions League history. Manchester United had just rescued themselves in the dying embers of the game through substitute Teddy Sheringham but this was not the end of the action.

With both sides psyching themselves for extra time, it was the fresh legs of Solskjaer that forced another corner for United. It was what they wanted. Set piece specialist David Beckham was on duty in front of the United fans who dared to believe.

The Englishman took his time and found Sheringham with an in-swinging corner. His flick at the near post was directly in the path of an unmarked Solskjaer, who had managed to get away from Samuel Kuffour. He flung his right boot out and poked the ball past a despairing Oliver Kahn who could only watch the ball go in the top corner above Michael Tarnat. Bayern Munich were left silent as the United players were euphoric.

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