Top Games You Can Play with Your Friends


It’s possible to run out of things to chat about while you’re with your closest friends. When that happens, playing some enjoyable games with pals can make the tragic moments happier. Playing games with your friends will strengthen your friendship and allow you to laugh aloud together. Don’t bother looking at your smartphones the next time. Check out our post for a selection of fun games to play so you can enjoy your free time. Choose your favorite game and start having fun.

1. Betrayal at House on the Hill

The award-winning suspense and strategy game Betrayal at House on the Hill might appeal more to horror fans. But it’s a game with many universal appeals as well, as seen by the more than 8,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. The fundamental idea is that a ghost story is revealed while players explore a haunted house. Each game night is sure to be unique, with 50 eerie tales to act out. Get the Widow’s Walk expansion pack for even more chills.

2. Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase

In this game, two teams compete with each other. Each player’s objective is to get their team to pronounce the word or word combination that is displayed on the disc. Team members compete to guess the word or phrase that is displayed while the timer is running. A clue-giver is allowed to use any movement and practically any verbal hint, but they are not allowed to use words that rhyme with any of the words, the first letter of a word, the number of syllables, or any partial words in the clue. When a team adequately predicts, the other team then has a turn. The play goes on until the timer expires.

When the timer expires, the team without the disc scores a point. Additionally, they are given one chance to guess the word or Phrase; team members are permitted to consult each other; a right guess results in a bonus point. The squad that scores 7 points first wins.

So, Catch Phrase is a popular game night choice for a reason and provides you with more than 5,000 words and phrases to act out.

3. Teen Patti games

The card game known as “teen patti” is popular throughout South Asia and was invented on the Indian subcontinent. In some places, it is also known as flush or flash.

Teenpatti games is a kind of both a social game and deeply connected to Hindu holidays. Diwali is when it is most frequently played. It typically involves three to six players and a 52-card deck without a joker.

The first step in Teen Patti is to place a bet, much like in other poker and rummy games. Before the cards are dealt, there usually needs to be a predetermined sum that players are ready to wager. Each player receives three cards dealt face down after placing a bet, and the same amount is collected from each player. The minimum amount of money at risk that is kept in the pot is known as the boot amount. On the table’s center is where the pot is placed.

4. Catan


Klaus Teuber created the multiplayer board game Catan, formerly known as The Settlers of Catan or just Settlers. The Siedler von Catan was the title of the Franckh-Kosmos Verlag’s initial 1995 release in Germany. As settlers, players try to expand and develop their lands while trading and gathering resources. Players accrue victory points as their settlements expand; the first player to achieve a certain threshold, usually, 10 victory points, wins.

Players strive to gather resources and establish the largest towns possible on the fictitious island of Catan in this game. The playing time is about one hour.

5. Touch and feel boxes

You can play this indoor game to focus on their sense of touch in a primarily visual world. Teach your children to correlate details other than just how something looks. Start by placing intriguing items in bins that kids must reach into and feel to identify them. Shoe boxes are ideal since they are light-resistant and simple to cut with scissors. Making the boxes is fun, so let the kids decorate them. Just be sure to cut a child-sized hand hole on the side of each box before you start decorating. Have your kids put something in each box, and then let them guess what it is by taking turns.

6. Ludo


Ludo is a board games help develop logical thinking, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking. When we succeed, it encourages us to concentrate for longer periods of time and builds our confidence.

Additionally, we can now play Ludo online with players from all over the world and from anywhere in the world! You can play this entertaining online game of ludo while travelling, so there’s no need to congregate and sit still!

7. Carrom Board

Nowadays, playing indoor games means using a computer or a mobile device. However, you can influence their viewpoint by teaching kid’s games from your era, like playing carrom board. You enjoyed spending time with your siblings and playing with them very much.

Without giving them a chance to appreciate its worth, we are confident that they will adore it and that it will keep them healthy. Children use play as a break from studying after a hard day of school, not just for fun. Playing games is a lifeline for kids, and they anxiously anticipate them. There are many reasons why it is best for your children, but the main ones are that it will strengthen their character as people and, to a lesser extent, help their memory remember information.

This indoor game differs significantly from other games in several ways. It is not at all like a dice game or a game of strategy. But it combines physical and cerebral elements and is much more than that. Playing the carrom board is enjoyable, simple to comprehend, and ideally suited for players of all ages.

8. Hot Potato

This indoor game becomes a little giddy. But it’s excellent because it’s one of those games you can play with kindergarteners through students in higher grades. Any softball or a pair of rolled-up socks can be thrown at a child underhandedly. Tell them to pass it on as soon as they can to someone else. Each kid repeats this. If there are enough kids for this indoor activity, play brief musical interludes while they throw the object. When the music stops, the last kid to touch it is out of the game. Continue until there is just one child.


Sometimes we want to enjoy ourselves with friends on the weekends but don’t want to go outside, or maybe we need more time for traveling. You, along with your friends, can opt for indoor games. As a result, we have compiled some indoor games you can enjoy with your friends on weekends.

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