Top Handle Bag: the models of luxury and elegance in mini size


Among the hand bags, Top Handle Bags certainly represent an iconic model, which is perfect for any situation and ideal for pairing with any outfit.
They have a small and compact size, come in different shapes, materials and designs and feature a top handle (from which the bag gets its name) that squeezes comfortably in the hands.
It is a timeless model of eternal elegance that has come from the past back to the forefront among the latest luxury handbags trends, with major fashion brands presenting charming reinterpretations of timeless models on the catwalk and launching new, definitely glamorous versions.
Top Handle Bags are one of the most popular types of hand bags among fashion addicts, however, they are not the only ones. In the following we tell you about the most sought-after small luxury bags that are mainly held in the hand.

Luxury handbags: the most beloved “It-Bags”

“It-Bags” refer to those iconic and ever-trendy handbag models that every woman is dreaming to possess. We are talking about authentic collector’s items and symbols of exclusivity, excellence and prestige.
Among the luxury handbags that have become “It” bags, the pouch, a small bag that is to be carried by hand (although there is often a small handle or a light shoulder strap), is definitely not to be missed. Given its small size, it can only contain the most essential items. For this reason, it is not a bag for everyday use, but it is perfect for the most elegant and special occasions and more formal events, both at night and during the day, to add a touch of personality to the look.
Very similar to the clutch bag, but with a decidedly more curvaceous silhouette and a soft pouch shape, is the Pouch Bag (also called a soft clutch), which has been a huge trend among luxury handbags of late.
Also more or less similar is the clutch bag, another model often mistaken for a pochette, from which it differs because it is a rigid (or semi-rigid) handbag to be carried by hand, without a handle or shoulder strap and with a snap or clip closure. Also, compared to the clutch bag, it is suitable strictly for elegant evening occasions. There is also a square version, called the Box Clutch, which is definitely distinctive and becomes a design accessory that does not go unnoticed.
An even more chic variant is the kiss-lock clutch bag: very similar to the clutch bag, its special feature is the rigid ‘kiss-lock’ clip fastening, like the old coin purses of the past. Very elegant, sophisticated and very exclusive, it is a luxury bag that never loses its charm.
A notable place among the most sought-after handbags for women is occupied by the Frame Bag, the perfect model for vintage lovers. A luxury bag with a classic cut, rigid and squared at the top, definitely more capacious and equipped with a handle, it can be carried either on the shoulder or by hand. It is one of the few ‘It-bags’ that really goes with everything, from casual looks to the most glamorous outfits.
And for those who love very small and very comfortable bags, they can find what they are looking for in the Bracelet Bag: it is a bracelet bag with large handles, designed to be worn on the wrist like a precious jewel.
Finally, we would like to finish with one of the handbag models that never goes out of fashion and which year after year is always among the most popular ‘It-Bags’: the Minaudi√®re. A mini bag with a rigid shell and interlocking clasp, made of precious fabrics and enriched with embroidery, stones, precious chains, etc. Ideal to complete an evening dress or a formal outfit, this model lends a precious and sophisticated aura and becomes a true piece of art to be worn with taste and refinement.

How to choose the perfect handbag

The handbag is a woman’s favourite accessory and, to be truly perfect, it must represent the exact mix of aesthetics and functionality. It must therefore not only be beautiful, but also practical and useful. In order to choose the right handbag, it is important to assess a number of factors when making the purchase.


First of all, you have to choose the size, calculating the space you need, depending on how you will use the bag.
If it is a day bag, it must be voluminous enough to hold everything you will need to be able to move from morning to night, without giving up anything. If it is an evening bag, you can opt for smaller or even mini models, so as to prioritise style over practicality.


Another important element to be considered is the style of the handbag. To avoid making mistakes, it is a good idea to look for something that, in terms of colour, material and finish, is in line with what you have in your wardrobe, so that you always have a coherent outfit and can play on harmonious combinations that are pleasing to the eye. It’s not enough to buy the most fashionable ‘It-Bag’ of the moment to be on trend, especially if it doesn’t go perfectly with who you are.


Last, it is a good idea to choose the handbag model carefully: as we have explained above, there are many handbag models available on the market, each with specific characteristics. It is necessary to evaluate the brand, the quality of the materials and the trends of the moment, but also to consider the occasions in which the bag will be used, so as to have a perfect accessory to show off with confidence and elegance.

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