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Consuming alcohol is usually considered as an unhealthy practice. The mind-altering magic that alcohol does for the body will deviate to some health complications at the further stages of life. But it is a fact unknown to many hypocritical “Teetotallers” who stereotype alcohol consumption to something dangerous and toxic for the body. But this isn’t the case always.

Galaxy Training Australia, an established RSA [Responsible Service of Alcohol] certification organisation of Brisbane, Australia breaks such stereotypes by getting some healthy beverages to the limelight. There are some alcohols that help you lose weight and some aids in the effective functioning of the heart. While alcohol does harm some of the vital organs, this will be acceptable only when it is consumed in the ratio which is much beyond the tolerance level of this wonderful system called the human body.

RSA Australia explains the responsible usage of alcohol to avoid any overuse and intoxication. Alcohol abuse has made its way to a number of cases of drunk and drive, murder and rapes in the criminal records where the culprit was overtly intoxicated while committing the hideous crimes. RSA thus enlightens people with the right amount and proper way of partying responsibly. It also gives people the unknown facts through scientifically proven knowledge share.

So can alcohol really be healthy? Are there some drinks or beverages that can actually profit our health? Can there be any way where alcohol can be consumed without any harm to the system? The answer is ‘YES’. Galaxy Training Australia brings to you some of the top healthiest beverages that can be consumed for the betterment of your health; conditions apply – when consumed in suggested quantities only.


The amazing active amalgam in red wine that includes polyphenols, resveratrol, and quercetin is said to improve your overall health of the heart. It lowers your cholesterol, checks the blood sugar level, boosts the brain functioning, aids in healing a running nose, fights cancer to some extent and helps you stay in shape as it is flooded with anti-oxidants. This wine is said to slow down the ageing process when taken in suggested quantities every other day. Red wine is a dine-friendly drink which not just spikes up the spirit of the dinners but also makes you like your body in a fun and happy way.


Agavins – this is the natural sugar while is found in tequila which is popular as party pop potion. Agavins stands as a protective wall that stops increasing your blood sugar levels. This also decreases cholesterol levels and aids in weight reduction. Next time you take shots of tequila, gulp it with a smile as you would be entering the no-more-fat zone. Tequila is thus beneficial if indulged under proper self-supervision.

3. RUM:

Made from the by-products of sugarcane, Rum comes with innumerable health benefits that can leave you surprised. Giving you a healthy heart helps in curing a common cold, keeps high blood sugar level at the bay, soothes sore muscles, aids as a remedy for scurvy, very good antiseptic, a great anti-depressant and suppresses the cancer cell increase. To add more, rum also adds value in slow ageing and gives you long-lasting elastic skin, reduces inflammation and wrinkling process too. Now get up, have a glass of wine now!


Also called as Rosé, it is a low-calorie wine that has more Revasterol than white wine. Rose wine is made from a wide variety of grapes and can be found all around the globe. Rosé wine includes a number of helpful factors with potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents in it. Polyphenols in rosé wine may help to lessen LDL, or bad cholesterol, while potassium can decrease blood pressure. Anti-inflammatory characteristics in wine have the potential to diminish the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Coming to the cardiovascular benefits, encouraging effects are linked to sensible and responsible consumption. High levels of alcohol consumption will although contradict these benefits.


Champagne is popped out for a toast or to celebrate something new and nice with your loved ones. Champagne is known to bring warmth, love and happiness in a celebration. Why? The prime benefit of champagne is that it increases your sexual drive. Not deviating any further, it is important to understand that champagne allows you to feel its effects much quicker without undermining your energy. Questions thus answered! It is also said that champagne improves your heart’s health, boosts your memory, elevates your mood, prevents dementia and also helps in weight control due to its next to nothing level of calorie count. So the next time you raise your glass for a toast, celebrate your good health too.


You shall be surprised to know how whiskey can make you a healthy and fit person. Not just one or two, this amazing glass of magic has magical ingredients that can heal various health diseases when consumed in a safer amount of serving. Whiskey aids in weight loss as it’s a low-carb drink prevents cancer due to the presence of Ellagic acid – a concentrated anti-oxidant element, prevents stroke due to its blood-thinning qualities, makes a perfect remedy for common cold, diminishes signs of depression, promotes digestion and regulates insulin level in body to keep us away from diabetes.

Thus, alcohol consumption is not always injurious to our health. An Indian legend states that too much goodness can also be harmful to our health. Likewise, what starts as fun must end on a happy note. Consumption of alcohol must strictly be restricted to a tolerable measure. Beyond which, none of the above-mentioned magic would aid your body any benefit. Therefore staying cautious and being smart is the best vehicle for your final destination called good health.

Samara Robinson was born and raised in Canberra, Australia. She is a mother who loves cooking and binging over a book with a bowl of popcorn. Her love for language and colours has made her write on varied topics like from food to fashion, gardening to parenting and health to partying. She is a trained dancer and a singer with an acquired taste towards dramatics and tribal art forms. She now works for Australia’s leading RSA and RSG training company Galaxy Training Australia as a Creative Content Developer with her extensive experience in the field of Online Marketing.

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