Top Kitchen Tools You Need To Have To Be A Great Cook


Every master in the kitchen needs some tools to aid them in creating dishes with impeccable taste. While some tools may prove to be too complex to use, others are kitchen necessities.

In line with this, here are the top kitchen tools that will not only make your life easier in the kitchen, it will also help you become a great cook.


Knives are considered as the most essential tool every kitchen master needs. Since knives are used in almost any food preparation, it is important that you are comfortable in using your knives, be it for slicing vegetables or making a fillet. You have the option to try out several other knives before settling with one that you are most comfortable with in using.


Apart from knives, spatulas are kitchen essentials too. There are wooden spatulas and there are also rubber spatulas as well. Having a set of spatulas in at least three to five different sizes will surely save you a lot of time in cooking in the kitchen. Wooden spatulas are generally great for cooking while rubber spatulas make spreading condiments on bread much easier. Rubber spatulas also ensure that no mix is wasted because you are able to spoon out all the batter that you mixed in a bowl.

Food Processor

If you are often in the kitchen, and your kitchen has ample space, then a full-size processor will be perfect for you. However, the trend these days is to keep everything in miniatures, even with a food processor. The best small food processors are up to par with their full-sized counterparts, having the capability to perform the same functions. Perhaps the notable difference between a full-size and miniature food processor is only on the capacity, but the multiple functions, the technology, and the ease of use are basically the same.

Induction Cooker

Another Kitchen item that ruled the kitchen over the year is Induction Cooker. You can’t imagine a modern kitchen without having a Commercial Induction Cooktop. It helps you to prepare your meal faster compared to gas or electric models because of its instant heat. Because of its advanced technology, It doesn’t heat the whole surface. You can control the temperature and place the heat at the exact position as your needs. These features save you time and energy as well. Though cleaning is a difficult task you can clean the induction cooker very easily using the basic tools because of its smooth surface.

So the Induction cooker is more efficient compared to gas or electric models and a must have item in your kitchen.  You can check here for affordable induction cookers for commercial use, including tabletop series hobs.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is also referred to as a crock pot. A slow cooker is a great kitchen gadget to salvage those leftover meats and vegetables and turn them into delectable dishes. This is also a great tool to help you prepare one-pot dishes that allow you to multitask while your dish is cooking in the kitchen. Talk about efficiency with this one. If you are looking to have a kitchen makeover, but you are not sure of which slow cooker is right for you take a review, ratings, and buying advice from slow cooker reviews in australia.


A juicer is another kitchen must-have because apart from all the benefits that you can reap from freshly squeezed juices, you can also use a juicer to make some healthy no-bake desserts. There are also recipes that call for the extracts of certain citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, and lime. In these cases, your juicer is considered as your number one companion. It is great of your juicer also functions as a blender to allow you to create those sought-after smoothies and shakes.

In conclusion, becoming a great cook is sometimes dependent on the kitchen tools you use. While some kitchen gadgets can be used for a variety of purposes, others are designed for a specific function. Nevertheless, these tools are intended to make your life easier in the kitchen so that you can focus more on your dishes.

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