Top Lesser-known Natural Herbs You Should Be Using

Herbs are great for seasoning. Yet we do not know much about most herbs.  Really how much do you know on how best to use herbs for health and wellness? Maybe you have an idea on how to use most herbs and you probably cook with them regularly but we should sample some lesser known herbs that will not only improve your dishes but your health too.

Herbs That You Should Consider

What are some of the lesser known but great herbs? The following are some herbs that you should try for some really savory dishes and health benefits:


Kratom has many benefits. It is mainly consumed as an extract or gum. It has been used for stress relief. It is beneficial for relaxation and for enhancing mood. Although considered illegal to use in many countries Kratom is a herb that can be used for research and scientific experimentation purposes. It is legal to use in the U.S and you can buy kratom from Kratom USA.


This is a herb that you could grow in your kitchen garden. It requires warm climates and can also be a spring into summer plants. It also grows towards the end of winter and in early spring. It is closely related to parsley and cilantro and is mostly used for mild flavoring. It has a hint of Parsley and has a mild taste and therefore preferred as a delicate culinary herb. It has been used for cooking many dishes and can also be mixed with other herbs to enhance flavor. Chervil enhances energy, promotes proper digestion, eases respiratory problems and stops hiccups.


It is a member of the carrot family. The fennel herb adds freshness and a sweet taste to food.  It has been used to not just enhance flavor but also suppress appetite. It can be used for soups stews and for poultry dishes. It is also beneficial for the body as it is known to produce collagen, improve heart health, reduce menstrual discomfort and also in facilitating milk secretion.


If you are looking for a rich flavor, savory is the spice for you. Although not technically considered a spice but a herb, savory is greatly used to spice food and is similar to mint. It is a seasoning staple used in a variety of dishes and marinades as it provides a dominant spicy taste to food. It is also a rich source of potassium, manganese, iron and calcium.  It is a natural antiseptic and helps in fighting bacteria and is therefore good for the stomach as it helps in combating E Coli.

Do you need herbs in your diet? Herbs are necessary edibles. To get the best out of your plants ensure that you grow them properly and get to know the different varieties and their necessities.  Those are some of the spices you should be cooking with for wholesome delicious meals. Do try them on different foods to get the best out of them and maybe get ideas on how best to use them.