Top Luxury Home Décor Trends to Spruce Up Your Home This Monsoon Season


This monsoon, give your home a seasonal upgrade with monsoon-specific home décor ideas to liven up all rooms in your house.

The much-awaited monsoon season not only brings a sense of romance and ample joy but also musty smells and gloomy vibes. With a high-end brand like Pure Home and Living, a pioneering online home décor platform, you can enjoy the spell without making your space appear dull and grey. By including luxury home décor elements, you can effectively combat the overall dullness and add cheer without burning a hole in your pocket.

As it starts showering outside, make these interesting home décor updates to enliven your entire house:

1. Topical Prints and Patterns

Infuse a sense of joyfulness and liveliness inside your home by adding colorful and fun tropical prints and patterns throughout. Consider integrating trending elements like florals, palm leaves, and exotic fruits into your home décor. Whether you are buying new curtains, pillows, or throws, these vibrant prints will help in adding a delightful pop of texture and color to your surroundings.

Topical Prints and Patterns

2. Bright & Fresh Hues

The rainy season depicts the right opportunity to embrace vibrant and bold shades inside your house décor. Shades of orange, pink, yellow, and greens are ideal options for creating a lively and fresh atmosphere. These interesting hues will help in creating a warm, welcoming vibe, perfect for curling up with your favourite warm drink and a book on a dully, rainy day.

3. Refresh Your Upholstery

Beat the overall dullness of the monsoon season by bringing in new, fresh décor elements. Infuse a touch of freshness with the use of colorful cushions, vibrant bedsheets, and much more to keep the grey weather at bay. Interesting hues like sunny yellow, hot pink, and bright orange will offer your space a livelier and more open look, lifting up your spirits instantly.

4. Bring in the Essence of Perfumed Candles

An effective way to combat the otherwise moist, musky smell of the wet environment is to light up a few scented candles around the corners of your home. With a high-end online home décor brand like Pure Home and Living, you can choose aesthetically-pleasing variants that are available in a wide range of inviting fragrances. Include a touch of warmth to your home décor while enjoying the vibe these elements bring along with them.

5. Swap Curtains and Cushion Covers

Interior decoration elements like curtains, cushion covers, and other draperies form an integral part of shaping up your space beautifully. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these core elements while revamping the existing décor. As the rainy season arrives, it calls for retouching almost every décor element of the space.

For the best-ever outcomes of your décor revamping project, consider investing in top-quality fabrics like lace or sheer that are thin enough to allow sunlight in. The best part is that these fabrics are immensely breathable as well. Heavy draperies like velvet or cotton might trap the musty smell in your house while making the interiors appear darker. On the other hand, lightweight sheer fabrics for curtains will offer your house an airy, breathable feel throughout.

6. Pay Attention to Outdoor Textiles

If you reside in a tropical environment, the use of outdoor textiles for interior decoration might serve as a game-changer. You can select rain-proof materials known for UV and water resistance. It will ensure practicality and durability during the rainy season. You can leverage these protective fabrics or materials for your home furniture, curtains, or cushions while also adding a touch of sophistication and resilience to the entire décor.

7. Add Gorgeous Monsoon Flowers to Beautiful Vases

Flowers and fresh plants have a way of adding immense positivity and cheerfulness to your interiors. Introduce new classic vases to vacant corners or areas. Fill them up with gorgeous flowers of the season, including lilies, roses, jasmines, and so more to add a fresh vibe to the entire home décor.

8. Innovative Lighting Techniques

With dim lighting and cloudy skies almost all day long, you can consider incorporating innovative and designer lighting techniques into your home décor. It will compensate for the overall lack of natural light. You can install task lighting in dedicated areas requiring illumination, like workspaces or reading nooks. It will help in creating a purposeful, efficient, and comfortable ambiance.

9. Arrange for Quality Baskets and Doormats Outside

With the rains and mud all around, you certainly do not want to get that dirt inside your home. You can consider investing in a piece of stylish basket that is capable of holding your wet umbrellas and raincoats right at the doorstep. Moreover, the addition of a designer doormat will also help in absorbing the slush water at the doorstep itself.


With the skies being overcast throughout, being indoors and embraced within a comfortable, cozy décor will enlighten your overall mood. Invest in luxury home décor elements for the season and make your home interiors appear more welcoming. 

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