Top Mobile Apps That Will Keep You Entertained for Hours


Are you looking for mobile apps that will provide many hours of entertainment? New apps are released every day and a lot of them are not worth your time. However, there are some that offer a lot of value that you will be engaging for many hours to come.

In this article, you’ll learn about top apps that you can try today to increase the entertainment value of your smartphone. You may have seen these apps before or they might be a new discovery that becomes the most commonly used app on your smartphone.

Sports Betting

Do you like betting on sports to pass the time? Then consider one of the many sports apps from casinos. Modern sports betting apps allow you to wager on various types of outcomes. It might be what side will win the match or the player that has the best performance.

You can also take advantage of welcome bonuses from these sites, which gives you more chances to win. In-play betting is another popular feature where you can play bets as the match is unfolding. That’s a great way to increase the excitement of watching a match. You can find out more about popular sports betting apps on


Did you know that you can use YouTube on your mobile phone? It’s one of the most commonly used apps that allow you to explore many types of video content. You can watch documentaries, podcasts, funny cat videos and everything in between.

The apps are linked to your account, which means you can access the same saved subscribed channels as on the desktop. You can purchase the subscription, which allows you to avoid the advertisements – they can sometimes ruin the flow of videos.


You can watch a lot of the best shows on Earth from Netflix. For a subscription that is not expensive you’ll be immersed in TV shows, documentaries. The quality of the shows means the subscription value is one of the best out there.

It’s a great app to have on your phone if you travel regularly and need a portable way of entertaining yourself. For example, when on a train going to work or lunch break in the office.

Final Thoughts

The apps in this article are some of the most widely used around the world. They will provide hundreds of hours of entertainment for many years to come. The experience you have depends on the smartphone quality too. A bigger screen with better response times is desirable when using sports apps.

This list is just a starting point. Search for your entertainment apps to see what provides the most fun for you. Apps don’t take up much storage space so experiment with the thousands that are out there.

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