Top New Orleans Travel Tips from a Local


Traveling to New Orleans? There are some tips you can learn from locals concerning the area to avoid getting lost or stranded during your trip. It would help if you also understood the dos and don’ts so that you don’t feel embarrassed or find yourself in the wrong arms of the law. If you are worried about where to get such tips, do not worry. 

In this article, we will give you six of the best advice from locals to guide you. 

Do Not Forget to Carry Your Walking Shoes

Are there no cars in this city? You might be thinking. There are cars, a large number of them. But why do you need a car when the town is more comfortable walking on foot or just cycling? New Orleans city has the best walkways and cycle areas where you can walk or cycle your way across. There is no need to rent a car. Save the cost by getting your best walking shoes and include them in your traveling bag.

There are also enough resting places, including bars, roadside cafes, and recreational facilities, if you get tired on your way. Walking and cycling expose you to sights you might have missed and also will enable you to learn the traits and behaviors of people you will be meeting along the way.

Never Walk Alone After Midnight

What’s the reason for this? It is because the town is not that safe during the night. If it’s a must that you should walk during the night, ensure that you have a company or someone to take care of you in case of anything. Experts from often insist that booking accommodation shouldn’t be a complicated task. With the internet, you can easily look out for comfortable and affordable hotels nearby, which will fit your budget. The fantastic thing is that you might as well earn discounts for booking your rentals via these platforms.

Avoid Spending Much on Bourbon Street

When you visit New Orleans, you will encounter Bourbon Street. One of the most popular entertainment places. Do not make a mistake of exhausting your money on this street before visiting other areas. As advised by experts and locals, always visit this street during the day and go to different places at night. The reason is that, apart from the merrymakers, you might find individuals who are thirsty for your wallets. You might get robbed and left to begin the middle of the night.

Visit The Tomb Sites

Is it necessary? Yes, there are so many famous cemeteries you can visit while in New Orleans. One of these cemeteries is the St. Louis Cemetery, which is the most famous cemetery you can visit in this city and it’s also the oldest. These cemeteries are outstanding because they are often said to be haunted and have important history among them. Also, most of these tombs are built differently. Instead of being dug into the ground, most of them were raised to ensure floods don’t submerge or wash them away. Do not leave this city without visiting these historic sites.

Do Not Eat in All Restaurants You See Around

There are a lot of sumptuous meals in New Orleans. Many hotels have sprung up to cater to the growing population, and most of them are the top-rated hotels in the world. However, some are not up-to quality. To get the best Cajun and Creole cuisine, check on reviews online or ask the experts about the best hotels to eat from. Avoid hotels with huge advertisements and slogans that capture you easily. Some of the best hotels with good food are hidden in town, and it will be best if you consider checking on guides and reviews first.

Do Not Eat in All Restaurants You See Around

Avoid Carrying Glass Bottles Outside the Bars

Are you taking your drink away from the bar? Not on a glass bottle. With the laws and regulations, you are only allowed to drink alcoholic beverages from plastic bottles, especially on the streets. The reason is that there are hours allocated to drinking, mostly during the day, when they use plastic bottles and cups. Do not make a mistake of carrying your glass bottle around as you will be faced with law enforcement. 


This article has given much-sought tips from locals to visitors at New Orleans. Make a point of using these tips to ensure you have a smooth, uninterrupted stay in this city. Always have a guide and check on reviews before going to the bar, restaurant, or any other recreational facility. Know what is required and what is harmful and illegal before embarking on your journey.


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