Top Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Donating to Charities

Donation is an investment. An investment that you hope will significantly benefit another person. That’s why it’s critical to ask yourself some questions before you donate to a charity. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

1. Does the charity support a cause you are passionate about?

One of the benefits of charitable giving is the sense of personal fulfillment in knowing that you are helping another person. However, that feeling depends on whether or not you care about the problem that needs to be solved. Your donation is an investment that you are doing with the hope that it will positively impact another person’s life. That’s why before you donate, you should carefully look for a charity that supports a cause you are passionate about or one that’s trying to solve a problem that you believe will change the world. If you care about families that are starving, you can donate to charities such as that feed these starving families.

2. How does the charity spend its donations?

Finances are a vital aspect of charities. It should be among the top things that you investigate before you donate your money. A transparent charity should be able to show you or provide you with a copy of their financial reports for the past few years so that you can go through them. This will help you know what percentage of their donations they allocate in supporting their programs.

You will feel at peace, knowing that the charity uses a significant percent or more of your donation into feeding hungry families or supporting other noble causes. Jeremy Millul says that getting the financial reports of a charity can also help you to avoid donating to fake charities or charities that use a significant percentage of their donation to enrich the administrators.

3. Has the charity made any progress in achieving its goals?

When donating to a charity, you should be keen on the activities that the charity has been doing in the past. One of the best ways to weigh a charity’s accomplishments is to check their progress when it comes to achieving its goals. It would be wise to donate to a charity with a proven track record of achieving its goals. Of course, you are not looking for perfection; instead, you are looking for a charity that you can trust with your donation. 

4. Does the charity have strong leadership?

Good charities tend to have dreadful leaders, especially those in the private sector. When you want to donate to a charity, look for one with dynamic, proven leaders. Charities with high turnover usually struggle, and they cannot retain quality leadership.