Top Reasons Why It Is Best To Buy Meat from Butchers versus the Supermarket

When buying your meat, it is better to have someone who knows more about the meat than you do. Have a butcher that you trust to be sure you’ll have a good quality of meat whenever you needed one. Moreover, butchers have a wide knowledge of meat. They do know how much they weigh, how big is their size, how long it should be cooked, how long will it last, and so much more.

Thus, if you are still contemplating on whether you should have a butcher, then here are the reasons that will surely change your mind:

Everything They Do is Respect for the Animals

Butchers gave their hearts to the animals. Since it is part of their livelihood, butchers like the Argyle Butchers Hong Kong would always make sure that everything they do should honor and respect the lives of these animals. They would check how these animals were fed, what type of organic medicines were given, and how humane were they slaughtered. They also make sure not to waste anything from the animals.

Ensure the Right Type of Meat

A proper butcher will ensure you what type of meat you are getting. When asked, butchers could tell you where and what farm the animal was raised and in what part did your meat cut was taken from. Also, some butchers would cut your desired meat just in front of you. Check out sausages butcher for more information.

Quality above All Else

When you get your meat from a reputable source, you are assured that it is high-quality. You will know that the animal is raised according to the standards. If the animal is unhappy and stressed, then it will not provide good meat.

Moreover, the way the meat is being processed differs between supermarkets and the butchers. With the butchers, they dry age their beef using a Dry-Aging Chamber to improve the texture and flavor.  Meanwhile in the supermarkets, they wet age the beef. This maximizes their profit but compromises the quality.

Also, the ageing process is longer at the hands of the good butchers. The sausages that they offer have higher meat content and it’s available in various flavors versus the supermarket.

The chicken breasts sold at the supermarkets are cheap but they are pumped with a water solution. This is done to make them appear bigger but they will shrink once cooked.

Reasonable Price

The butchers’ price is cheaper than in the supermarket. There are butchers like the Argyle Butchers Hong Kong that offer bulk orders or regular deals which allows you to save money. You have to remember that you are buying a superior product so it will not be cheap. But you are assured that buying from the butcher is the best decision for your money.


The products the butchers offer outweigh the meat available in the supermarkets. They have various cuts of meat and flavored or marinated meats. Ask the butcher if they don’t have a cut that you wish to have. They are willing to serve you with whatever request you will like to make.