Top Richest Tamil Music Composers- You Would Be Surprised If You Knew About Them

As we know that Tamil song is now most famous and Tamil music industry fights with many industries. We also know that in ancient times this industry was not prevalent lack of spreading their mainstream with songs. Many artists in the Tamil music industry gave them all strength for growing up this song with the industry too.

In this content, we will give the information of the top richest music composer of Tamil cinema. Thir contribution can not be forgotten. Let’s see it.

AR Rahman

Everyone knows about AR Rahman because he is one of the richest and award-winning singers who mainly sang Tamil songs. The peoples of Tamil Nadu called him as the king of music. Even he won many prestigious awards for his best performance in the sector of music. He has the impressive capability of making the songs which peoples want most. In his career, he sang and composed much music with many super hit artist.

After becoming the most famous music composer, his demand going to the upper level and generally he charges for a song as a music composer is estimated at 1-2 crore. It’s his one-hour performance charge. Later, when he won the Oscar award,  earned massive from performing live concerts along with doing works as a music composer. He is now highest-paid music composer in India, and his net worth is 24 million dollars converted in Indian rupees 178 crore INR. His monthly salary is 1+ crore, and the annual salary is approximated 12+ crore.


Ilayaraja is one of the vital music composers in India as well in Tamil Nadu. In the starting point of his career, singing is his first profession. Later he starts music composing and gained much more popularity by doing this. In every film, the filmmaker offers him to work within the entire movie as a singer or music composer. Predominantly, he is a music composer who composes 5000 songs in his full career and earned huge money. And now he becomes one of the highest-paid music composers at that time.

Ilayaraja charges for a song 50 lakh in Indian rupees, and also he perform in a live stage show with huge money like 10-15 lakh per hour. A recent report shows that he becomes the top-ranked music composer after AR Rahman. His net worth is 8 million US dollars in converted at Indian currency is around 60 crore. His demand is now so high, and every filmmaker works with him because he has an exceptional quality about music compose.


Notably, this music composer has reached the top level music composer list within very concise of time. At present, AR Rahman has been marked as one of the leading music composers in Tamil Nadu. After him, Ilayaraja was number in two position music composer, but their works gave the industry much popularity outside of India. We should appreciate their work, and they should shine in life more and more.