Top Romantic Malayalam Songs: That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet


Malayalam music is unquestionably something you should check into further if you enjoy music and discovering new genres of it. Few people are aware of the fact that Malayalam music has Indian origins and differs significantly from Tamil music, which more people may already be familiar with.

The Malayalam music has been around for a very long period, and it has been preserved over time because it is considered sacred. It was only recently that Malayalam music has only been used commercially. It has taken some time before it was heard outside in the world. Since Indian movies are currently becoming more popular, it is anticipated that this music genre will also become more prominent. 

This form of music is primarily employed in Indian cinematography. Even though Malayalam is only a very ancient language spoken in India, the music composed in it is like a whole different genre of music, which gives it a very unique quality.

Most Popular Malayalam Songs

Many Malayalam songs are many hits and viral songs. Also, numerous pieces are viral not only in Kerala but also All over India for their songs. You will love their songs, which are featured by all the megastars. Their stars are very hit and popular outside of India. Nowadays, the Malayalam industry is prevalent for their songs.

Among all the categories of songs, a romantic song is the best song all over the world. Especially Malayalam romantic music is trendy now. So now utter you the best romantic Malayalam songs that you will love most. You will get all the romantic Malayalam songs on kuttyweb, and we give you the details of the music.

Uyiril Thodum

The song is from the movie name Kumbalangi Nights, one of the hit movies at the box office. You will love the songs because the tune of the song is very heart touching. And also, you have to mind that the song has been gained 38 million views on Youtube.

Sushin Shyam was the music director of the songs which singers were Sooraj Santhosh and Anne Amie. Anwar Ali was the songwriter of the song which guitarist of the song was Sunil Silvester. It is also the best lyrical song that no one can deny.


Jakes Bejoy was the music director of the songs who is the best music director of Malayalam songs. Joe Paul was the lyric writer of the songs, one of the best lyricists at that time. Most of the songs are written by him. Also added that Sid Sriram & Neha S Nair were the singers of the songs.

This 4 minutes 9-second song has been collected from the movie Ishq. It is a romantic type movie which is the most enjoyable. It also has many interesting pieces that are enjoyable and make the film hit at the box office. And the song has even crossed 27 million views.

Nee Himamazhayayi

This 5 minutes 18 seconds song was first published on Youtube, which has gained much more views on Youtube. Kailas Menon was the music director of the song which lyricist was B K Harinarayanan. Nithya Mammen and Hari Sankar K S were the songs’ singers, which views nearly 20 million views on Youtube. Also, Josy was the bass master of the songs, the Malayalam industry’s best music.

Kanno Nilakayal

The song is one of the best pieces of Malayalam cinema. You will be delighted to know that Oru Yamandan Premakadha is a music movie, which gets 9.5 million views on Youtube. Also, you can get all songs from an online site. Because malayalam songs download is now relaxed.

Nadirshah was the music director of the songs which lyricist of the song was Harinarayanan. Najim Arshad was the singer of the songs, one of the most discussed and controversial songs of Malayalam cinema.

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Malayalam music genres

It didn’t take long for several styles to emerge as Keralan music advanced. Now, we may hear more prominent genres like film music and classical music, which is mostly influenced by Carnatic music. In general, film music plays a significant role in India. Their playback singers are well-known and admired all around the world. In order for the actors to lip sync the music in front of the camera, they must pre-record the music for the film.

Keralan cinema music is particularly well-liked in India. Tamil and Hindi film songs were popular prior to Malayalam music gaining popularity. While it was common practice to adapt the melody from Hindi or Tamil songs into Malayalam music, this practice altered in the 1950s when the Malayalam cinema industry began to develop and refine their own style. Since then, a great deal of creative artists have come into the public eye. Malayalam music is now not only instantly recognizable, but also adored and appreciated by millions of people.

Malayalam classical music – Malayali people cannot survive without music. This is largely because music plays a significant role in their life. Locals appreciate all musical genres, from classical to pop, and view them as gifts to humanity. If you enjoy music, you would probably concur. Because music has an appealing quality that appeals to listeners of all ages, whether they prefer folk tunes or rock music.

Carnatic Music – Carnatic music is one of the contemporary music genres in Kerala. The modern South Indian music known as Carnatic was introduced and made famous in Kerala by the former monarch Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma. It quickly became the preferred style of all local musicians. The people there support every musical note and every vocal tone used in this genre of music, from amateur to professional vocalists.

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Folk Songs – Songs frequently take on creative forms. However, in Kerala folk songs, the musical notation and terminology are based on the work done by the locals. It employs words from the Malayalam language that are straightforward, common, and easy to understand. Folk song harmony also depicts god and is devoted to nature. Therefore, these songs are not only played to relieve stress but also to inform listeners about how their jobs are carried out.

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So I think you, all the viewer’s love to hear these suggested songs that are very highest viewed on Youtube. So listen to all the included music and feel the lyrics of the songs.

There are now two ways to learn more about a particular Malayalam song. You can either listen to a song that has been recommended to you by a friend who discovered it earlier, or you can see an Indian movie and fall in love with a particular sequence that includes a Malayalam song. Like with today’s commercial hits, your odds of finding a song of this type online are rather slim because, as we already mentioned, the marketing for these songs isn’t exactly stellar.

Whether you enjoy this music or not depends on the type of person you are but given that the majority of these songs are about happiness and valuing life, we are confident that at least one of them will win your heart. Indians strive to incorporate as much of their overall joy in their music as they can. While there may be a few tracks in this genre that are a little more depressing, we’re confident that you’ll discover something else that you enjoy.

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