Top Russian Golfing Destinations

Tourists usually head to Russia for several reasons. They view it as the ultimate destination for its nature, its wildlife, its rich history and its winter activities. Lately, Russia has become the home of golf clubs and courses. The country has changed the concept of golfing with its modern and luxe facilities, giving the game a brand new identity. This has made golf holidays in Russia one of the biggest tourist attractions.

Golf as a game requires a lot of practice and expertise to enjoy the experience to the fullest. The game is a part of a rich and prestigious culture and holds to that reputation in numerous places around the world where the most famous and socially exclusive clubs host high-profile tournaments. If you are wondering where you can indulge in these experiences in Russia, consider this list of destinations for your next trip.

Moscow Country Club

The Moscow Country Club is one of the most exclusive clubs in Russia, which offers golf courses and activities. This prestigious club hosts the PGA European tour. Known as one of the best places to offer golf courses, the place is situated eight miles from the city center and includes 300 acres of pleasant greens. The holes over there present a water challenge, so it would be helpful for you to have a rangefinder. An insightful guide at reviews the best rangefinders in 2020, so you’ll be well prepared with such tips. Always look for a golf rangefinder which is accurate, easy to use, reliable, waterproof, and affordable, among others. Furthermore, the Moscow Country Club is kept in wonderful condition, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia.

Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club

The Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club is yet another popular place in Moscow, which offers great artificial views that compensate for the natural ones. The best thing about this club is its proximity to the historical monuments of the 17th and 18th centuries, which makes it feel like an architectural beauty. The club includes a yacht and a health and wellness facility. It also hosts major tournaments.

Zavidovo PGA National Golf Club

Known as one of the best golf clubs in the world, this place is an hour’s drive from Moscow and it carries the prestigious PGA title. It is known for its traditional Scottish aesthetics that make it stand out from the rest of the clubs. The club’s design embodies and resembles the feel of Scottish clubs. Its spirit is so lively and filled with streams, hills, forests, and lakes. This makes it all the more demanding for golf players, but, luckily, every golf player loves a good challenge.

Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club

This club is situated at an aesthetically pleasing and picturesque forest area that is forty-two kilometers away from Moscow. It is known for its fine courses, popular activities, and dreamy landscape. Designed by Jack Nicklaus in 2008, the club hosted the European Tour after its return to Moscow. The park was awarded the World Golf Award for its high-quality courses in Russia. Its design combines Scottish, Alpine, and classic English features.

Skolkovo Golf Club

Skolkovo Golf Club is known as one of the most high-end and finest clubs in Russia. This is yet another club that was designed by the American golfer Jack Nicklaus. It’s filled with beautiful greens, lakes, and bunkers. All of these provide a challenging experience to the golfers. It is located 20 km from St Basil’s Cathedral and hosted the Russian Open Championship in 2015.

Mill Creek Country Club

This club is a forty-five-minute drive from St. Petersburg; it is new and features extensive practice facilities and an academy course. It has the design of a European Golf one with a 7,200 yard. The place is surrounded by forest and has the great advantage of having deep and sandy soils. The greens in the Mill Creek Country Club are relatively large and there’s a lot of room for run-off areas.

Raevo Golf and Country Club

This truly distinctive club is home to the most spectacular views. Designed by Jack Nicklaus, the club is located just outside of Moscow in the luxurious Raevo residential community. The place is surrounded by beautiful scenery, as it’s sculpted through forests and water. It is highly reputable and is well appointed among all the other clubs.

Whether you are into the game of golf or know someone who is, these destinations will allow you to have the experience of a lifetime. Russia is not just all about winter activities and history; it is also best known for its club scene. Consider these well-known facilities and destinations during your next Russian holiday.