Top Spanish red wines that you can find in your travel to Spain

When it comes to Spanish and it’s varieties of red wine, it is essential to note the key words of quality as it’s the utmost priority. However, it is crucial also to have the idea of the overview and circulatory red wines across the nation. So, when you pay a visit for a Spanish wine tour, it’ll not be a surprise, and you’ll indeed have the interest or knowledge about how it may taste before you taste it. To cut it short, these are some of the fantastic red wines you might want to taste on your next visit to Spain.


One of the top red wines you might want to taste in Spain is Vivino. Just like other products, you might sometimes want to look at reviews to know what other people are saying about the taste and quality of the wine before buying it. For example, you can read Vivino reviews to know more about Vivino wines as they are used by other customers. You might even get information such as the best food to eat it with and the best time of the day to consume it.

Rioja Gran Reserva

According to the explanation earlier on, it should be noted that red wines are a factor of the geographical area. Also, it’s essential to notice the grape varieties to find Spanish takeaway when it comes to wine. Rioja Gran Reserva is regarded as the most popular among the red wines in Spain. It belongs to the family of Tempranillo variety, and it’s the product of the pinnacle of the Rioja appellation – geographically. On the aspect of taste & feeling, it has savory characteristics of leather and spice and exemplifies the effect wood-aging has on wine.


Geographically, Monsant appellation is regarded as the region where old and mature feeling wines are grown. So, if you wish to feel the fantastic product of nature and experience the feelings of the wine of Priorat, Monsant might be amongst your options of choice. Furthermore, Monsant focuses on red blends of Garnacha and Cariñena and is usually referred to as wine of value.


Jumilla red wine is popularly categorized as wine for tonight; that is, it more pleasing when we’re gathered with loved ones and having a nice time at night. Maybe dinner or other occasions. With its pleasant ripe, juicy, and crowd-pleasing taste, it is indeed fit for the next trip.


The geographical location – Castilla-La Mancha is Spain’s largest winegrowing area. Though vast amounts of grapes are grown for brandy production here, it is also a rugged frontier of experimentation for red wine. The Valdepeñas is notably recognized for quality red wines from Tempranillo and international varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon.


Bierzo is not as popular as other wines in the red wine categories but is an appellation worth seeking out, and this is why it is impressive. Primarily made from the Mencia variety, these are interesting, earthy reds that pair nicely with roasted meats. Spain’s reds are generally powerful, expressive wines that offer way more than just value. It comes with an amazing feeling from the point you pour some quantity into the glass cup to the end of sipping and feeling the taste that comes after all.

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