Top Styles You Can Find in Hats for Big Heads

Do you have a big head? You can imagine yourself wearing a hat, but you do not know which one to choose. The universe of hat making is so broad that there are many hats for big heads, and one or more of these will fit you perfectly. Let’s first determine your head size.

What is Your Head’s Size?

The average male head size can be 22″ 1/2, and 21″ 3/4 is the average female head size. The one size that fits all hats ends at approximately 23″. So, it will be hard for a person to find a hat that suits about a size 7 1/2 or above. Head measurements larger than 23 inches are deemed big in the hat world. A large head is about 23″ 3/8.

Hat Styles for People with Big Heads

Now is the time to learn about hat styles for big heads that will allure you.

Camp Hats

Some shops refer to it as a camp hat, although others refer to it as a five-panel cap. The hat’s 5-panel name relates to the number of panels included in its design. If you calculate how many patches it makes for a supreme camp hat, it is 5, and the best part is that it’s perfectly in the category of hats for big heads.

Unstructured Snapback Hats

Owing to their soft crown and absence of internal structure, the Unstructured Snapbacks stay loose and adopt whatever shape you like. They have a dark under brim to eliminate light, a pliable brim to form the look you desire and an adjustable snapback closing. It has no support behind its panels and stays the same all around the crown.

Trucker Hat

Trucker hats resemble a baseball cap in design, with a strongly angled bill in front, a cap made up of six nearly triangular brims, and a button on top. The front part of a trucker’s hat above the bill is foam instead of being constructed of cotton cloth like a traditional baseball cap, while the rest is nylon mesh for comfortable wear. The trucker hat’s foam front stands up high and rigid, making it taller than other baseball caps. To make sure only one size suits most, there is an interchangeable plastic snap or hook-and-loop closing on the back.

Curved Brim Hats

It’s again one of the best hats for big heads. There is style, aplomb, and unquestionable integrity in the curved brim. It looks fantastic on nearly all. The classics appear to be enjoyed by guys wearing baseball caps with bent brims.


Beanies come in a million shades, knits, and fits and can pull an ensemble together seamlessly while holding your ears and head warm while outside; it is bone-chillingly cold.

Fedora Hat

The fedora hat is unquestionably one of the most common summer fashion accessories. It is a helpful element for sheltering from the heat and a trendy and glamorous touch for every ensemble, whether in the city or at sea. In reality, wearing a fedora hat helps someone to stick out from the crowd. It is a hat typically folded down the middle of the crown, then “pinched” on both sides of the front.

Types of Fedora Hats

Classic Fedoras

The first, classic fedoras are the best place to start. When most people hear the term “fedora,” one picture springs to mind: the original fedora. The bulk of the iconic fedoras are made exclusively of wool.

Straw Fedoras

Fedoras come in a straw, too. Straw is a popular material for its vibrant, feel-good sensation that sits easily on every head. Its crack-resistant lining makes it not only long-lasting but also easy to modify and re-adjust.

Safari Fedoras

Safari fedoras, except for a distinct design, are very close to straw fedoras. The brim of these caps is often the first item that people notice. With a discreet pair, these hats are an ultimate fashion trend.

Pork Pie

The pork pie (also recognized as “stingy”) fedora design is a favorite among many for its smaller snap brim. Back in the 1990s, it became a trend symbol and is still there today. History typically depicts hats with pork pie coming and disappearing freely. Everybody has it one day, and nobody has it the next. It is also attributed to the release of hit music videos, film, and TV shows where the iconic pork pie hat can be worn by characters/celebrities.

Trilby Fedoras

Because of its distinct tall and modern fedora design, a trilby fedora hat is a form of a fedora with its class. Because of this crushability, trilby fedoras are comfortable to travel with. They come with a traditional pre-snap shape for a relaxed feeling that’s simple to wear.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve found the above hat choices beneficial for guys with big heads. Thanks to the variety of designs, materials, and features available, you can find a hat that suits your big head.