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Ever since 2000, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of television programs and sitcoms which provide us a daily or weekly dose of entertainment. With the advent of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the industry is now more focused on television shows rather than films as shows tend to have the audience’s attention for a long time span. For the 2010 decade, there have been many amazing shows, thanks to the stars who made them worth-watching with their acting skills. 

Top Television Celebrities of the 2010s

Popular stars of the 2010s include the following

Jim Parsons

The great role of Sheldon Lee Cooper in the longest-ever sitcom in American television history was played by Jim Parsons. The show, which started in 2007 and ended in 2019, has been one of the most popular ones watched globally. Jim Parsons has also played the voice-over role in the sitcom, Young Sheldon, which was released after the massive success of The Big Bang Theory. 

According to Forbes, Parsons has also been known as the world’s highest-paid television actor in 2018 earning over $26.5 million annually. For his outstanding performances, he has received several awards including 4 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy Series as well as Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Television Series. Parsons has also been in other areas such as films which include Hidden Figures and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. 

Other than actor Jim Parsons, his fellow actors of the show such as Kunal Nayyar, Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, Simon Helberg, and Kevin Sussman have also stayed quite popular during the 2010 – 2020 decade.

Jim Parsons is perhaps the best television celebrity of the 2010 - 2020 decade. 

Just beside Jim Parsons, his fellow actor Johnny Galecki has also been one of the most popular actors of the 2010 decade. This is mainly because of the exceptional popularity of the show, The Big Bang Theory. His role was as the best friend of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons). Both actors have performed as physicists while Galecki has acted as Leonard Hofstadter. 

The actor received several nominations and also got the award in 2012 for Best Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical by Satellite Awards. He is known to be the second-highest-paid television actor right after Jim Parsons. Following the success in the television industry, Galecki has worked in several films as well which include In Time, Rings, The Cleanse, A Dog’s Journey, and others.

Johnny Galecki as Leonord Hofstadter 

Patrick J. Adams

Just like The Big Bang Theory, another famous show in the 2010 decade was Suits which starred Patrick Johannes Adams as Mike Ross. The show aired between 2011 and 2019 during which it became one of the most suspicious and intense shows of all times. The show takes us on a journey where one lawyer hires a law school dropout named Mike Ross. Both of them focus on heavily closing some amazing cases while maintaining the secret that Ross is actually a dropout. 

Patrick Adams has been nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for his role in Suits. Following his role in Suits, Adams then went on to be cast as Hourman in the TV series named Legends of Tomorrow. He was also seen as Astronaut John Glenn during the show The Right Stuff which aired in 2020. Adams is young and energetic which indicates to us that we will be seeing many amazing shows and films in the future. 

Patrick Adams has been quite famous in the 2010s because of Suits 

Andy Samberg

Comedy for all ages starts from Andy Samberg who has been playing the role of Jake Peralta in the famous TV sitcom named Brooklyn: Nine-Nine. As of 2021, the show that started in 2013 is still being aired. Samberg was so good in his role in the show that he has been awarded the Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy Category by the Golden Globe Awards in 2013. Andy has been working well in the series up till now and is most known for his slang “Cool… Cool… Cool…”

But that’s not the only thing Andy Samberg has been good at. Besides television, Samberg has been a part of several films including Hot Rod, That’s My Boy, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Popstar, Never Stop Never Stopping, and Hotel Transylvania film series as well. Andy has also been in several episodes of other TV sitcoms that have helped him gain fame and popularity in the industry. Moreover, the voiceover was also given for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a popular video game released in 2020.

Andy Samberg has been a top television star in the 2010s 

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Terry Crews

Andy Samberg and Terry Crews have been a part of the same television show, Brooklyn: Nine-Nine. In the show, Terry has played the role of Terry Jeffords of the New York Police Department. The show’s success helped him gain fame which is why he later became the host of the famous talent show called America’s Got Talent and its spin-off named America’s Got Talent: The Champions. 

The early history of Terry Crews of a sportsman as he was a professional football player up until 1999 after which he began his acting career. He has been a part of several films including White Chicks, Blended, Idiocracy, Expendables Series, and others as well. What’s unique about Terry is that we have always seen him publicly advocate women’s rights and act against sexism unlike other actors in his field. Terry was also included in Times Person of the Year in 2017 after he publicly shared the stories of Sexual Harassment faced by him. 

Terry Crews at the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2013

Charlie Sheen

Most of us know Charlie Sheen for his works in Hollywood but for a long time, he has been one of the best television stars as well. His main role in the television industry has been Charlie Harper which he played during 2003 and 2011 in the famous TV show, Two and a Half Men. He received several Golden Globe Awards as well as Emmy Award nominations because of his on-point acting skills during the show. 

However, Charlie Sheen has also stayed in hot waters for quite a long time mainly because of reports of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and marital problems as well. In addition to that, Charlie Sheen’s contract for Two and a Half Men was terminated after he made derogatory comments about Chuck Lorre, the series creator. In 2015, the actor revealed that he has been an HIV-positive patient which has been revealed four years ago to the actor himself.

Actor Charlie Sheen in 2012

Andre Braugher

Although you may not have heard about him a lot, Andre Braugher has also been one of the most known actors of the 2010s decade. This is mainly due to his performance as Captain Raymond in the show Brooklyn: Nine-Nine. Andre Braugher has mainly performed in films during the 1990s and early 2000s which include Primal Fear, City of Angels, Frequency, Poseidon, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. 

In addition to that, Braugher has also worked as a detective in the police drama series called Homicide: Life on the Street. He has been nominated for more than 30 awards and has won more than 10 awards throughout his career including the ones for Brooklyn: Nine-Nine. His recent works include New Girl, BoJack Horseman, and Live in Front of a Studio Audience. The 2021 film named Spirit Untamed has his voice-over the role for AI Granger. 

Andre Braugher in 2011 

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2010-2020 has been one amazing decade for the television industry. Most of the actors mentioned above have stayed popular due to the comedy genre which was quite demanded by the audience throughout the decade. Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Andre Braugher, Charlie Sheen, Terry Crews, Patrick Adams, and Andy Samberg have been the most popular television stars of the 2010s while we expect many amazing sitcoms and featured films from them in the future as well. 

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