Top Television Stars of the 90s

If we talk about the era where the tele-media industry boomed, it would be the era of the 1990s. Many critics believe that the 90s was a decade that gave us a remarkably great time of entertainment and set new standards for the industry. It gave us many amazing stars, celebrities, and shows which have been popular even in the 21st century. 

Popular Television Stars of the 90s

Matt LeBlanc

Most of us might not know his real name but if we tell you he is called “Joey” in a famous TV sitcom, you would be able to figure it out. One of the top television stars of all times who gained fame from the show “Friends”. Born in 1967, Matthew Steven LeBlanc started his career in 1987 when he took part in a TV commercial. Later on, he starred in TV 101 for one season. Despite a good initial start, his big break was from Friends. 

Over his career, he has been a star in many TV series and sitcoms which include Man With a Plan, Joey, Episodes, and Top Gear. For his outstanding performance in Friends, he has received three nominations in the Primetime Emmy Awards while he also won a Golden Globe Award for his acting in “Episodes”.  

Jason Alexander

One of the quite underrated artists of the 1990s is Jason Alexander who was originally named Jay Scott Greenspan. The actor has been in the media industry since 1981 but his most notable role was in the TV series named Seinfeld where he played the role of George Costanza. Surprisingly, for this role, he was nominated seven times consecutively in the Emmy Awards and four times for the Golden Globe Awards.

The thing we love about Alexander is that he had a diversified career in the industry and was a comedian for a long time too. Some other roles of Alexander include his film appearances as well as the guest appearances in many movies. We have also seen that Alexander has shown up in several musicals and also got the award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical Film. Alexander is still active in the industry and we expect to see a lot more out of him in the future. 


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Mathew Perry

Mathew Perry is one of the top actors of all time and best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the sitcom, Friends. Since the sitcom was quite famous, he also gained popularity in the 10 years between 1994 and 2004. Most recently, a get-together episode of Friends was also aired where Mathew Perry took part once again along with the other cast. 

Perry is not just about television media; rather he has been in a number of films as well which include Fools Rush In, Almost Heroes, 17 Again, and others too. Moreover, he has also done voice-over work in several video games as well. For his comedy in Friends, he won the award of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series while he has been nominated for several others as well. 

Tori Spelling

Victoria Davey Spelling, professionally known as Tori Spelling, is an American actress who began her career in 1982. She has been famous throughout the 1990s mainly because of the show “Beverly Hills, 90210” where she played the role of Donna Martin. Since her first appearance, she became quite popular which is why she was offered a role in several films as well. Top films by Tori Spelling include A Carol Christmas, The Mistle-Tones, A Friend to Die For, and The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time. 

For her outstanding performance in the show Beverly Hills, she was nominated two times for the Young Artist Award category. In addition to that, Tori Spelling also had her autobiography published with the name of “Stori Telling” which became the New York Times Best Seller as well as the Best Celebrity Autobiography of 2009. Tori Spelling is still active in her career and we expect some more dramatic and action films from her soon.

Jennifer Aniston

Another famous actress from the 1990s is Jennifer Aniston, known for her exceptional role as Rachel Green in Friends sitcom. She was born in 1969 and got her first role even before she was 20 years in the film named Mac and Me in 1988. However, the film did not get much fame or attention. However, she played her role in another horror comedy film in 1993 named Leprechaun which was quite famous. 

Aniston has been known among the top television stars of the 1990s and is also among the highest-paid actresses. For her performance in Friends, she has earned several Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards as well. After her success in Friends, she got into Hollywood and acted in several films among which were the highest-grossing ones as well such as We’re the Millers, Just Go with It, and Horrible Bosses. Aniston returned to the tele-media industry in 2019 in “The Morning Show”.

Jane Leeves

Jane Leeves is a popular English actress who started her career in 1981 but got the big break in 1993 when she played the role of Daphne Moon on the sitcom “Frasier”. This 11-year long TV sitcom helped her in getting various nominations for Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. For her outstanding acting skills, she won the award of Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Comedy Series by Viewers for Quality Television Association. 

In addition to that, Levees has been popular for her role of Joy Scroggs in the sitcom “Hot in Cleveland”. Further recognition of her career began in 1994 when she took part in several films including Miracle on 34th Street, Music of the Heart, and The Giant Peach as well. However, Hollywood does not seem to work for her quite well which is why she returned as a television actress in 2018 when she starred in the medical drama named “The Resident”.

Ted Danson

Edward Bridge Danson, professionally known as Ted Danson, is an American actor born in 1947. Throughout his career, Danson has been performing extraordinarily in several films, sitcoms, and has been producing several films too. Although his early career was not a breakthrough for him, the era of the 1990s proved quite different. The famous sitcom, Cheers, started in 1982 and ran up till 1993 where Danson starred as Sam Malone. 

This sitcom was so good that Danson won two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards while several other nominations followed. The season finale was one of the most viewed ones with over 80 million people. Danson has also been ranked among the top 25 tv stars list by TV Guide. There were several other sitcoms such as Curb your Enthusiasm, The Good Place, and Fargo where Danson went along very well. 

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Kelsey Grammer

Allen Grammer is another great actor who was popular throughout the 90s. Some of the best sitcoms in which he has performed include Cheers and Frasier. Both of these helped him earn four Emmy Awards as well as two Golden Globe Awards, In addition, Grammer is also famous for Boss which was a political drama series released in 2011. 

During the 1990s, he has given several voice-overs as well in Toy Story as well as Anastasia. Furthermore, we have also seen him appear in several famous television programs like Modern Family and 30 Rock. Other than TV, he worked in theatre as well which was his way of entering the tele-media and Hollywood industry. 



The 1990s have been a great time for the television industry as well as Hollywood as we got introduced to several wonderful actors that have entertained us very well. Sitcoms such as Friends and Cheers get the credit for providing endless entertainment. We hope further such shows are released too!

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