Top Things to Do in Lake Placid


Lake Placid is a sleepy town about a five-hour drive north of NYC. Perhaps it’s best known for the Winter Olympics, which is hardly surprising. After all, the town hosted the event twice and is the only area in the US that holds that honor.

However, Lake Placid is much more than the Winter Olympics.

For instance, the last time the event was held in Lake Placid was way back in 1980. Surely, the town won’t attract 3.3 million tourists a year just so they reminisce about an event that took place around four decades ago.

Lake Placid has plenty to offer to first-time and even repeat visitors, and here are some of them.

1. Bobsled Ride– This is one of the most popular activities in the Olympic Sports Complex. Riding one is no joke as the sleds can go as fast as 90 miles an hour. There’s an age limit, however, for obvious reasons. For fun, you are also competing for the best time just like what Olympians do.

2. The Wild Center– While you’ve already paid your Lake Placid vacation rental, take this opportunity to visit The Wild Center, located in Tupper Lake, just 30 minutes away from the town. The resort spans about 80 acres wide. However, what really draws people is the Wild Walk. It’s an elevated ramp that allows you to walk above the tree canopies, giving you a 360-degree view all around.

3. Lake Placid Olympic Center Museum– Learn the history behind how Lake Placid was able to host the Winter Olympics twice. Know about the personalities involved and how it’s tied to the Dewey Decimal System. You can also see Olympic memorabilia and interact with the exhibits inside. The Museum draws about 35,000 visitors each year. The museum is a part of the attractions when you get Olympic Site Passport. The passport will also give you a ticket to the Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort.

4. Mirror Lake– Perhaps nothing best reflects what Lake Placid is all about than Mirror Lake. You can walk around it through the 3-kilometer path that surrounds the lake. Just at the right time, when the sun hits the water, you can see a mirror image of the whole town and the Adirondack Mountains on the lake. It’s very peaceful here and there are some water activities, although they are limited to canoe paddling, kayaking, or any other leisurely activities. You can stay in Lake Placid vacation rental, shop around Main Street, and explore Mirror Lake all on the same day.

5. Castle on the cliff – This attraction is a part of the Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway. You can ride the gondola, which will be a part of your Olympic passport, to the Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, which provides the easiest route to the memorial parkway. At the summit, you will find a castle, which has a café and a gift shop. However, don’t let that stop keep you from taking breathtaking pictures.

Lake Placid has something for everybody. Despite its name, choosing the town as your next destination means just one thing- your holiday won’t be boring.

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