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Pennsylvania is primarily famous for its diverse terrain that includes farmland, forests, and major waterways. As you go from east to west, the landscapes turn more rugged, making the state’s diversity more apparent. Pennsylvania was originally one of the 13 colonies in the US, and it was where the declaration of independence was signed. The state also played an important role in overthrowing the British colonial empire, and it is clear that it takes pride in its history. The Liberty Bells here is the epitome of American Freedom even today.

Nonetheless, the attractions and things to do in the Keystone State go beyond just American history. Pennsylvania holds some of the nation’s most impressive natural scenery like the Poconos and Allegheny National Forest that offers nature enthusiasts countless hours of recreational opportunities. The state also features numerous architectural marvels that serve as brilliant examples of Amish culture.

1. Dutch Wonderland

Featuring everything from rollercoasters to rides, slides, and castles, the Dutch Wonderland is going to offer you an exhilarating experience like no other. It is a fun and festive theme park located to the east of Lancaster; it appeals to people of all age groups but is sure to delight families with small children.

The amusement park spreads over a vast site, and its entrance is marked by a large stone imitation castle façade that will surely astound your little ones. Once inside, it is a festival of sounds, sights, and smells. You will find several colorful rides here, and there are attractions everywhere you look.

Alongside the 32 rides, there also exist a fantastic water park, fun shows, and entertaining games, mainly made for children. After meeting the costumed characters like Princess Brooke and Duke the Dragon, ensure you check out the shops and eateries that are situated right next to the Dutch Wonderland.

2. Embark on a Sports Betting Journey

Embark on a Sports Betting Journey

The casinos in Pennsylvania feature the latest gaming machines, slots, and tables alongside other access to on-site racing venues for sports betting. Additionally, many casinos also act as entertainment hubs, offering access to show media, concerts, and a wide array of exquisite dining options. So, when you are in the state, why not try your luck at PA sports betting at one casino.

Some of the best casinos in business include Hollywood Casino, Mohegan Sun Pocono, Rivers Casino, and Valley Forge Casino Resort. You can sure pocket some fond memories here, if not loads of winnings.

3. Indian Echo Caverns

Believe us when we say this show cave will take your breath away. Located not far from the Hummelstown in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, The Indian Echo Caverns has long been a popular attraction among travelers. This incredible cave has been visited by millions of people since the time they were first opened to the public in 1929.

But before that, these captivating caves were thought to be used by Native Americans for shelter and storage. Archaeologists have unearthed several findings from the fields and farms surrounding the caves’ entrance. Once here, you can learn about the cavern’s fascinating past by means of a tour through the awe-inspiring rock formations.

Additionally, you will find a picnic area, petting zoo, and playground here. An adjoining gift shop is where you can buy souvenirs.

4. Centralia

Once a thriving mining town, Centralia has been abandoned since 1962 when an underground coal fire was discovered burning. Since then, the town’s population started dwindling from over a thousand to less than five.

Currently, the near-ghost town is home to dilapidated houses, decaying buildings, and graffiti-strewn streets. So, visiting Centralia is going to be a bit of an eerie experience. The things you could do when here include visiting the only remaining church, driving through the town’s overgrown roads, and watching wisps of smoke escape from the cracks in the ground.

Centralia is typically used as a model or inspiration for creating fictional ghost towns and representations of Hell. The city has also been shown in numerous films and TV shows throughout the years. When you are in Pennsylvania, Centralia is worth visiting to experience its apocalyptic look and feel.

5. Bicycle Heaven

Located along the banks of the Ohio River in the heart of Pittsburgh, Bicycle Heaven is the largest shop and museum in the world that is solely dedicated to bicycles. This attraction is home to over 4000 models and made of bicycles with much more in store. Additionally, its colossal collection is worth exploring if you get the chance to.

Alongside the rare and vintage bikes, you will be able to find prop bicycles that were used in films like Fences, A Beautiful Mind, and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Yet another standout sight here is the futuristic Bowden Spacelanders. They also feature some fun-themed bikes representing artists and bands such as Elvis and The Beatles.

In case you wish to explore Pittsburgh by bike, you can rent one from Bicycle Heaven.

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