Top Tips and Ideas to Help Spice Up Your Sex Life


Marriage takes time, dedication, and constant learning to do correctly. And when you have been married for more than a year, chances are you’ve fallen into a routine. It all starts with simple tasks like taking the kids to school and so on, to your sex life. 

Every marriage needs sex to survive the turbulent times, and when you’ve fallen into a routine, it can be dangerous. It brings about a sense of boredom, making both of you comfortable not even doing it. You need creativity to spice up your sex life, and below are a few tips that you can use to spice it up. 

1. Make Out

One aspect that several couples lose when they get married is the idea of making out. Just kissing and feeling each other without intercourse can be a lost concept. In most cases, the idea of chores and other activities like the kids take precedence. 

When you and your partner want to get intimate, you get on with intercourse. You should now try and bring out the idea of making out. You can deep kiss and touch for hours when there’s time. It gives the relationship the sexual spark to survive. Many couples also spice their sexual experience with adult models on live webcam sites.

You can use movie time as the best time to snuggle and make out. 

2. Romantic Activities

You and your partner need time away from all the drama despite the added responsibilities, especially when you have kids. You can’t just off and go for an unplanned date, and you need to schedule dates more often. 

Each one should have the chance to pick out the best activity they’d like to be engaged in and look to do it. When you do this, you can connect with your partner again where they’re a bit safe. It makes them more passionate about connecting with them when you see their activities. 

3. Watch a Sexy Film

There are several sexy materials that you can watch to spice up things in your relationship. You can start with educational sexy films and even end up discussing some of the things there. These films tend to give you a new insight into how others have made it work. 

It won’t harm your relationship by trying something you saw together on a film. You can even go online to a site like to get far more. In such films, you can learn more about things such as erotic massage and such. 

You can also get more info on the elusive G-spot and learn how to tickle it. You can also know far more info, such as foreplay and the likes of oral sex. These are not things you should be ashamed to explore with your partner. 

4. Fantasies

Do you have an idea of what your partner fantasizes about – sexually? This may be the key that may be holding your relationship back. It would be best if you made it comfortable for your partner to share their fantasies with you. 

First, you need to share some of your fantasies with your partner and see how they feel about them. It can be a bit embarrassing to start the sharing process, so you need to set the tone for the procedure. For example, you can set up candles and have a nice dinner indoors. 

Once you set the tone for the night and have only romantic music in the background, you can talk to her about it. But you need to ensure both of you are relaxed and feel comfortable. This is the only way you can both share and be open to new ideas.

Questions like “where did you get that idea from?” can be mood killers, so don’t ask such even if you’re uncomfortable. Try seeing new ideas and how to compromise. 

6. Try Something New

man woman kissing

It’s now time to start on new things; as you may have noticed, the missionary has become predictable. It would be best if you were simultaneous with your partner. Purposefully look to change things up and bring out all the fantasies your partner wants to explore. 

You have already even watched some sexy films; maybe it’s time you set out to try what you learned. It may be oral sex, erotic talk, or even trying out new positions; you need to try something new. Do away with all the predictability in your intimacy, and you’ll both enjoy the experience. 

You can also look to introduce toys and dress up if your partner has a thing for them. 

Your sex life can be pretty dull if you don’t look for ways to spice it up. Especially when you have been married or been with the same person for a while. Here are a few ways you can spice it all up. 

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