Top Tips for Ford F-150 Owners


If you’re lucky enough to own a Ford F-150, you are part of a huge global community.

On average, Ford sells around 900,000 F-150’s per year. That’s a lot of trucks – and highlights the power that Ford holds over the industry.

The reason why the F-150 is so popular is simple: it’s one of the best trucks that drivers can get their hands on. When you’re behind the wheel, you can command the road and feel in control at all times. Not to mention, the F-150 looks extremely modern and stylish – which is a nice bonus.

So, whether you’re a first-time owner or a Ford loyalist, here are some top tips for looking after and maintaining your F-150. Let’s begin.

Get a New Grille

When it comes to owning a truck, many people become fixated on the engine and tires.

However, the grille is a very underrated part that you probably haven’t paid too much attention to.

Due to the way the F-150 is built, it’s very easy to change and customize certain parts – with the grille being an excellent example. Find out which grille is right for your F-150.

Although the standard Ford grille is capable of doing the job, it’s definitely worth treating yourself to a new one so that you can make a statement when you’re out on the road.

Try a Vinyl Wrap

If you’re someone who is very image-conscious, it’s a smart idea to get a vinyl wrap for your F-150.

A vinyl wrap (with a matte finish) will add a luxury edge to your Ford while boosting its overall value. This is worth bearing in mind if you plan on selling or trading your Ford F-150 in the future, as potential buyers will be impressed by the vinyl wrap.

To get a vinyl wrap, you will need to find a garage in your town that offers the service. If not, you may have to travel to get it done.

Use a Sealant and Wax Combo

When out on the road and parked out front, your Ford F-150 will go through a lot – especially when the weather is harsh. For example, winter is usually a tough time for truck owners, as it means they must take extra care of their vehicles.

Usually, a sealant and wax combo will do the trick. This will help to prevent fading, scratches, and much more. Plus, you only have to do this every couple of months, meaning it doesn’t require much effort.

Join a Ford F-150 Facebook Group

On Facebook, there are several Ford F-150 groups that you can join. These groups are essentially like online clubs, where owners can chat together, exchange advice, and even arrange local meetups. It’s a great way to grow your knowledge and ultimately meet fellow truckers.

Right now, there’s the ‘Ford F-150 Owners’ group (which is private, but you can request membership) that has almost 150,000 members. It’s highly recommended that you join it and post any queries that you might have.


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