Top Tips to Become Popular on Twitter

Twitter is a popular social network that has taken the world by storm. Initially, this platform was a simple social network that people use to share short text snippets with others. Today, Twitter is interwoven in different aspects of human life. Celebrities and influencers are crushing it on this platform with their hilarious and witty tweets.

Being popular on this platform can help in marketing a business or publicizing a blog. Well-connected Twitter users have more than 100,000 followers. Some have more than 500,000. Some of these users were well-known before starting on Twitter. However, this doesn’t mean little known people can’t climb their way to the top.

Currently, Twitter has more than 330 million active monthly users globally. As such, getting popular (find out more here: on this platform might seem a daunting task. However, it’s still possible if you follow these tips.

Tweet like a Professional Blogger

Twitter can be described as a micro-blogging tool. You just use 140 characters or even less to blog in every tweet. These are the same guidelines that professional bloggers follow. So, to become popular on Twitter, you need to be precise and direct to the point. Here’s how you achieve this:

  • Choose a topic- Tweet on a specific theme that your followers will be interested in. You can start with one or two primary tags or topics and expand s you grow your following. Take your time to read the latest news feeds and get nuggets that you can spin into great tweets.
  • Be transparent, provocative, and interesting- Share intimate information about your real life. Spinning great stories will get you addicted readers that will always share your tweets.
  • Use an interesting bio and picture- Use an actual image and a well-written bio on your profile. Make sure it’s your real photo because people want to connect with an individual, not a picture of a dog or cat. Ensure that your bio is informative, brief, and funny if possible.

Retweet and Connect with Celebrities and Influencers

You’ve probably been told to surround yourself with the right people no matter what you do in your life. Well, that’s the mantra that will get you popular on Twitter. To become famous on this platform, connect with popular Twitter accounts.

When you connect with popular accounts, it means you will be retweeting them and replying to the published tweets. You can get thousands of Twitter followers by posting a single funny reply or several sensible replies. Don’t mistake this for spamming a popular Twitter account with your comment. You just post sensible replies that will get you legit connections.

Follow Popular Twitter Users in Your Niche

You have a specific niche within which you want to become popular. Start by following Twitter accounts that are already popular in that niche. That way, you will surround yourself with like-minded people. Finding popular Twitter users in your niche can be hard at first. However, you can use keyword or hashtag search tools that make finding popular users easy.

You have the option to download Twitter videos using the Twitter Video Downloader. This allows you to save videos from people in your niche whom you admire. You can then use these downloaded videos to spark ideas for creating your own content.

Follow the Latest Trends on Twitter and Tweet on Them

When you tweet on the latest trends on Twitter, you reach more people because most users want to know what’s happening lately. For instance, if people are discussing crypto, you can reach more people if you share memes or tweets on #crypto.

Finding out what’s trending on Twitter is easy. Simply click on Twitter analytics then navigate to the “Explore” section and then “trends”. You don’t need an additional app to do this. Just use the Twitter app in your device. Alternatively, check what the popular users are tweeting about on a specific trend that you think could be worth publishing a post about.

Promote Unique and Amazing Videos for Some Time

Video ads are not intrusive for most Twitter users. This is a chance for you to capture the target audiences and get a massive following. You can become popular on Twitter faster by creating and promoting unique videos on Twitter. Twitter ads provide a great way to become popular. So, don’t rule them out. After getting a significant following, go back to organic engagements by tweeting without promoting your posts.

Keep Your Tweets Short

Posting content and links is a good idea. However, tweeting is largely about brevity. Therefore, use a redirect service to shorten the links you post. What’s more, use a reliable tool to measure performance and click-through. 

Interact with Your Followers

Being a social media, Twitter is about friendship and relationships. By interacting with followers regularly, you can know many amazing people. These people can eventually become your friends even if you don’t meet them physically.

To enhance your Twitter interactions, reply to all messages. When a user mentions your name, it means they care and you should acknowledge them by replying. Also, tweet information from other people regularly and consistently. This will show that you acknowledge and respect them. If possible, communicate with popular Twitter users. These can help you become popular too. You can also ask questions and respond to the answers you get. This will enhance your engagements and boost your popularity on this platform.

Don’t Tweet Too Often

Whenever you post a tweet, you expose your profile to twitter users that might not know you yet. But, if you tweet too often, you risk annoying the existing followers. That’s because you don’t allow them time to respond to your tweets. Therefore, stick to a topic and allow your followers time to read and respond to your tweet. Twitting a couple of times per day is okay, preferably 1 to 5 times. You can get more followers and boost your popularity if you post in the morning and evening. That’s the time when this platform gets more traffic.  You can schedule tweets, threads and retweets in a recurring manner, so your best tweets are posted during the right time. Simply use a twitter thread planner to tweet for you and gain engagement when you’re away. 

Final Words

Twitter is a network for sharing real-time information. It is used by millions of businesses, organizations, and individuals to share commentary, information, and events descriptions. People use it to connect socially. Following these tips will help you become popular on Twitter and use the platform to promote your business or publicize a blog or ideas.