Top Tips to Keep Your Mac Clean

It is a fact of computing that you have to have a clean Mac for a happy Mac. The problem is that every time you use your Mac it creates files of one kind or another. Over time, these files become problematic and performance issues ensue.

This can be addressed in a number of ways. One way is to use a dedicated app that clears out the files.

So what are the best clear software apps on the market?

The Ideal Mac Cleaner Can…

Ideally, the best Mac cleaner will be able to clean unnecessary files from all sorts of places, and be a very good antimalware tool as well. Cache files, system logs, unused disk images will be detectable and deleted at a button push. You can do all of this manually, but it takes time and is a chore. To do it in a few clicks would be fantastic.


Avast’s premium cleaner gets rid of junk files and allows you to uninstall unwanted apps. It tackles system files, duplicates, and browser data, all of which can slow down your Mac. Despite being known for antivirus software, their clean up tool doesn’t detect malware. You’ll have to use their antivirus suite for that protection.

Gemini 2

Gemini 2 specialises in tracking down duplicate files. Photos, music tracks, downloads, all the files where creating duplicates is all too easy is on the radar of this app. Perhaps one of the most useful features of Gemini 2 is that if you delete a file by accident you can easily restore it.

You’ll marvel at the real-time duplicate detection too.

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor specialises in cleaning junk. It has won awards for doing this, and it is not a bad option given its lower price tag. That said for other features which are highly useful for keeping your Mac clean and fast, you’ll need additional apps.


DaisyDisk takes a different approach to cleaning. It provides a visual approach showing you where the space is being used, and you can then go in and start deleting the files. Again, other features will have to come from a separate app.

AppCleaner & Uninstaller

AppCleaner & Uninstaller helps you manage your apps. It makes deleting apps, plugins, widgets, and anything app-related manageable. It has a very simple and pleasing interface and it shows where all your apps are stored.

After you delete an app it is good practice to go into Remaining Files and delete anything that remains.

Parallels Toolbox

This is a highly useful suite of tools that take on a range of tasks. Here, you can capture and manage screenshots, record audio, set a timer, and clean your drive.

The cleaner works to a degree but it doesn’t give 100% accurate information on how much space is left, and unlike other apps on this list, remove all the junk files.

A useful feature is that it can pinpoint large files which is useful if you’re trying to free up disk space.

There is some great Mac cleaner software on the market. For more information about keeping your Mac running smooth see Apple Support.