Top Tips To Make Your Older Home A Safer Home


Older homes are often a good choice as they have larger rooms and more character. However, the older the property the more likely it is that there are issues that need to be addressed. The amount of issues and your ability to address them will depend on your current financial means.

After all, there is a big difference between buying a home to renovate it and living in the same property for several decades.  You should note there is a difference between making your property safer and making it better for aging in place.

Survey First

If you are purchasing a property then you will almost certainly have surveys completed to assess the electrics, plumbing, pest issues, and you’ll probably even use magnetic particle testing to test for structural integrity.

However, if you have lived in the house for many years you may not think about having a survey done, although it will be beneficial. A survey will highlight any issues in the property that need to be addressed, such as bad wiring which can electrocute you or subsidence that can destroy your property.

Having a survey completed means you know about any issues and can steps to resolve them.

Electrics First

Bad electrical wiring can cause serious issues. In fact, the worst case scenario is death by electrocution. Wires that are damaged or simply old can also cause issues such as short circuits, voltage overloads, and even increase the risk of a fire.

As well as replacing wiring you should repair or replace any aging plumbing. It will protect you and your house for the future.

Replace Doors & Windows

Older homes tend to have wooden-framed windows and simple doors. If they haven’t yet been upgraded then it is time to do so. Replacing the doors and windows with new double-glazed ones will ensure you are better protected from intruders. Old windows and doors, broken locks, and lost keys are all serious issues that can never be ignored. Your home becomes exposed when your locks are broken, increasing the likelihood that burglars or criminals may gain entry. Never hold off when you need a locksmith to ensure proper steps are taken to protect your property. They can fix or replace your locks, rekey your house, replace your locks with high-security models, and install access control systems to maintain your security.

In addition, this helps to keep heat in the house, effectively reducing your energy bill and helping to improve quality of life as you age.


In order to protect your home, define your boundaries, and even deter would be intruders, you should make a fence to surround your property. The best thing about fencing is that it doesn’t have to hide you and your home away. In fact, open fencing is better as a deterrent as it is harder to get through and more visible, two things intruders generally don’t like.

Know Your Neighbors

If you really want to feel safe in your old, or new, house, you should get to know your neighbors. By knowing who is in your community you’ll form a bond and the entire community will look out for each other.

Security System

It is also a good idea to install a security system. This will help you to identify people from inside your home and decide whether to let them in or not. It will also help deter people from approaching if they don’ have a good reason. Both make you and your home safer.


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