Top Trendy Novo Shoes in 2021


When it comes to shopping for shoes online, especially for women, Novo Shoes certainly takes the crown. From genuine sneakers to the high ankle and sports shoes, the online store carries a long list of versatile options to choose from for its customers. As a year’s progress, trends in shoes tend to change. With these changing trends, online stores like Novo, are also obliged to help their customers with the most demanded fashion of the time. In short, if you are not in the current trend, you are not in mind.

But, Novo has never been disappointed. It has a good collection of shoes. They are very up to date with what’s in demand and what’s not if you are someone who loves to stay in trend with their shoes, here is a quick list of some of the top trendy shoes you can find at Novo. 

Over The Knee Boots

If there is one kind of boot that has always been in trend is over the knee boot. Super classy and elegant, these boots can be worn with almost all sorts of dress. You can carry it on a minidress when going out to a party at night or wear it with a vibrant skirt. But the most natural way to wear it is with a long skirt or jeans. It is all about how comfortable you are with your long boots. If it suits you and you feel good in them, a pair of boots certainly grab some serious eyeballs. 


Wear it with your skirt or your jeans, wear them in a formal environment or go for a casual walk in the park with it. Wear it at a party or in the office. Sneakers fit in any and every sort of environment. Although there are a variety of colorful sneakers to choose from, one of the most trendy ones are the super white sneakers. They grab instant eyeballs and help you stand out in a crowd. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that these are super difficult to maintain. So, unless you have one eye on your sneakers at all times, there are chances they might get dirty. 


Not exactly shoes, but they are one of the most comfortable sets of footwear you can have in your closet. Wearing flats makes you feel like yourself. It’s easy to carry, super easy to maintain, and not very costly. When looking for flats you should always consider the comfort factor. Owning a pair of uncomfortable flat is the worst. Novo Shoes offers a wide selection of flats that you can choose or go for black heels or flats or loafer shoes for women.


The higher you go, the painful it gets, the classier it becomes. Heels are a woman’s best friend. From low heels to high and pumps, peal toe, party, and more, the types of heels are endless. In short, it can be said that every occasion, every season, has a heel for it. You can go for a trendy heel in 2020, depending on where you are going to wear. But remember one thing, don’t make it too uncomfortable for yourself. Select heels that suit your body type, and you feel, if not completely, then at least a little bit more comfortable.  If you are looking to elevate your shoes, you might want to visit, shoes are very important when it comes to wedding attire. 


Sandals are again an excellent causal option for women. You can wear it to your college, at a party or even go for long walks with it. There are various kinds you can choose, especially at Novo Shoes. From flat sandals to sandals with heels and laced up sandals, you can select your pick from a vast number of options. If you love comfort, you can go for a pair of flat sandals. On the other hand, if you like to add some class to your sandal and make it more wearable at parties, an excellent selection is a laced up sandal.  The folks over at  were spot on when they said “You do not have to suffer, in order to be beautiful. ”  Protalus mentions that proper insoles improve the function of the body by guiding the body into proper position. 

In the end, there is so much to choose from when it comes to footwear. Sandals, sneakers, heels, and boots all have their place and time to wear. A good idea is to have a collection of each of these in your wardrobe. Wear it according to your mood or occasion. Remember, it is not about what you are wearing but how comfortable you are with what you are wearing. Be trendy, but be comfortable. What’s your favorite shoe? Let us know down below in the comments.

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