Top Video Game Trends For 2021

The gaming industry is evolving and changing faster than a speeding bullet. With so many gaming platforms to choose from, such as VR, AR, consoles, mobile, computer games, and an expected dramatic shift that looks promising, you’re left with the option of holding on and anticipating only for the best. Although the League of Legends ranking system, ranking up in lol, places millions of LoL players around the globe into a tier and division based on their ability and performances.

Now, 2021 looks promising, especially considering the many promises by major game developers. As you will notice if you scroll through some recent posts at That Video Game Blog site, there are so many things to be excited about this year. From tactical games like Magic: Manastrike reaches its pre-registration phase to Eclipse: Edge of Light heading to PlayStation VR, avid gamers are in for a huge treat this 2021.

Well, decades ago, video games were mainly played by teens and kids. But those horrid days are long gone and the tables have turned. Kids are now concentrating on their studies while the adults use video games to unwind after a long busy day.

If you’re an avid gamer, below are the top video game trends for 2021.

1. Out with AR and VR, and In With MR

When virtual and augmented reality was introduced into the gaming ecosystem, it left everyone in awe. But with time, these technologies have been marred by many drawbacks and developers have been forced to reexamine their strategies in creating the almost perfect solution (we hope), that will put your virtual reality skills to the test. MR or Mixed Reality is a combination of various virtual and augmented reality elements. This is where both digital and real-world objects interact. There’ll be a lot of disparity between MR games and playing augmented reality Pokémon on the streets.

2. Better Streaming Through Cloud Computing, 5G, And 6G

You’ll no longer have to go through the frustrations that came with the 200MB, 3g or even the 4g downloading restrictions when downloading gaming apps. Now, with streaming, you’ll never receive the pesky, irritating update notifications because you’ll be playing the latest versions with functionalities that allow you to play with multiple players across the globe. Furthermore, cloud computing will mean that you can play your saved games from any internet-enabled computer. All these will make video games more accessible and affordable.

3. Mobile Gaming Is Back

Sorry, if you thought it was about the mobile device you carry every day then you’re wrong! It’s most likely that millennials have not interacted with the retro handheld gaming devices baby boomers used as toys. 2021 will see a revamp in some of the most famous classic games such as Nintendo. But hey, you may have been right. These games will now be introduced back into the market and will be played via a range of devices including your very own smartphone. However, having a dedicated pocket device for such games seems like it’s the direction the developers are looking into.

4. Holographic Features

Hologram technology has been on a test and trial mode for quite some time now and was yet to make its way into the gaming industry. You may no longer have to wear a VR headset because, with holograms, you’ll experience the best displays and lifelike immersive experience. The shift towards this technology looks promising, especially after Sony filing a patent for a holographic display screen in September 2019.  You also have to consider advances in traditional gaming interfaces as well such as the video game Controller or use custom controllers.

5. Inclusivity

There has been a major concern over the past few years on how influential video games have become. This, considering the diversities in society and the need to have more inclusive video games. This will help to expose gamers to the beauty of appreciating life, regardless of the differences in opinions, inclinations, gender, religion, race, or creed. The most trending games in 2021 are expected to be inclusive and entertaining at the same time.

6. Crypto in Gaming?

The growth of the crypto market has made it easier for gamers to purchase and sell various gaming merchandise via the internet. However, with increased crypto regulations around the world, not everyone has been able to enjoy such privileges. But you’ll agree that such regulations will help to legitimize the industry and lead to a foreseeable growth of crypto in the gaming industry.

7. eSports Tournaments

For years now, gamers have been left out of Olympic competitions. There are a lot of expectations to see whether sports could be included in the Olympics. Fortunately, an Intel backed initiative has made it clear that weeks before the Olympics, professional gamers will have a chance to fight it off at Olympic-like tournaments for gold.

The gaming industry, like most industries, is ever-changing and evolving. There’s more to expect and the sky is not even the limit. One thing to note though, the most anticipated changes will have an impact on how you play your video games. You, therefore, need to be open-minded and have realistic expectations.