Top Ways to Use Chatbots with Facebook in 2021

There is a common question about chatbots. How do I use them? Well, one of the most common new forms is actually using chatbots with Facebook messenger, and other messaging apps. In this article, we’re going to show you how this can increase your social media optimization as well as even your website’s SEO and your online reputation because more than anything, communicating with customers is a bigger deal than most. And automation is in now, because it allows you to take care of work, and be able to check things when you have time so you can officially respond.  So, the Facebook Messenger Chatbot will save you time and money.

1. Give Customers Personalized Customer Experiences

By using a chatbot, you can set the filters to answer certain questions that can give a customer that asks you questions answers based on literally their personal needs. Is this wrong? Not at all. It answers your customer’s questions, and saves you the time and trouble of having to log on and write it out yourself. For example, if you run a recipe website, the user can literally use your chatbot as a search tool so your content can be delivered to them in a certain manner (so if they type banana sundae, then poof, the chat bot sends them a link to a banana sundae recipe page on your website, as well as a friendly message so they feel like they’re talking to a person still). You didn’t have to do anything, and they got the results that they wanted as quickly as possible. Many chatbots can even be set to have a delayed timer on them so that a person feels like they’re speaking to a live associate at your company.

2. Chatbots Are Great at Answering Questions

When a customer has a question, you can program a chatbot (or have them programmed for you by a good company) to answer your customers questions promptly and usually give the right answers to commonly asked questions. At the same time, you can also ensure that the customer can always have contact with a real live agent though, because sometimes the customer’s questions may not be answered, or they may have more questions that your chatbot simply isn’t programmed to answer for them. It’s always best to have an option on how to get ahold of you or your live company associate who handles these calls (or a call service if you use one of those).

3. You can Streamline Your Sales

When it comes to AI being as effective as a real live person, you can probably not completely compare the experience. However, when you’re using a chatbot, you can benefit from having them help you advertise things like sales and more on your products and services. It can help you for service differentiation. They can actually have “suggestive sales” programmed into them so it can entice customers (especially those who ask questions and get the answers they want, or those who are using the service for indexed information) think about buying your products. Every bit of advertising helps, so why wouldn’t you want to use it with a chatbot too?


These are just a few of the ways you can utilize your chatbot programs on your Facebook Messenger and even your website. It’s crucial to build a personable experience for every customer, and with a chatbot, you can do just that, but still have the availability to be there when needed for your customers. There are all sorts of chatbots, from ManyChat, all the way down the alphabet to and many others. They’re all great tools to help you in providing excellent customer service.