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Every one of us has come across a situation where we need to get in touch with someone from our past, or possibly even future. This could be a long lost family member, a long lost high school friend or a colleague. It could also be someone you just met in an event and hit it off, but you do not have their contact details.

The solution is to turn to a people finder on the internet to try and lookup up that person. One of the sites that come highly recommended is this totally free people search website called

What is

This is a website that was created to offer a white pages directory experience online. Since most states have stopped publishing hard copy white pages, only a few of these publishers exist as an online version. This website is a welcome addition to that gap in the digital space and provides information of more than 1500 cities in the US. It also doubles as a people search engine since it has a very prominent search box where you can simply lookup the person’s details without having to navigate the actual directory.

What information can you find on the website?

Much like a standard white pages phone book, the most important information you can find on this website is a person’s name, phone number and physical address. You can use the search box to do a reverse search of each of these. This means if you have only the name and surname of the person you are trying to find, then you can enter it in the search box and then you will find the other two pieces of information, being the phone and address.

If you only have the phone number then you can type it in to the search box for a reverse phone number lookup. Similarly you can also type in the physical address if that is all you have.

How much information is on the website?

This website is no match to of course but it does have a leg to stand on with its comprehensive information. It currently covers 30 key cities within each of the 50 states. Within those cities it does not currently cover every surname but focuses on the most popular ones. If the person you are looking up has a common surname, then chances are you will find him or her on this website.

Below is an example screenshot

What information can you find on the website

What makes this website different


How much information is on the website

This people finder offers the information totally free of charge. While most of its competitors will claim to offer their information free, they will lure you in with a free to search option only to be taken to a payment gateway page upon hitting the search box. Some will intentionally bring back a “no person found” report accompanied with a recommendation to a people search engine that will enroll you into a monthly subscription.

As well, offers a guides section where you can watch people search help videos and read helpful articles on how to go about locating anyone from anywhere via the internet.

How does the website protect people’s information

The website claims to offer protection against the people’s data it hosts in a variety of ways. For one, it uses very credible hosting services that protect against hacking and accessing the full databases that contains the people’s data. Secondly, it offers protection against scraping by using services that identifies and cuts off scraping tools within a moment’s notice. Most importantly, the data it obtains comes from publicly available records. It does not hack or dig for private information but uses what is already publicly available. Most importantly, it offers an opt out option such that any person who wishes to remove themselves from the site can simply let them know and their details should be removed within 24 hours.

There really aren’t so many people finder sites that are absolutely free on the web and TotallyFreePeoplesearch is one of a kind. What may confuse you on the site is the fact they run ads from other people search sites. When you click those ads you will land of paid people search sites. You have to keep your eyes on the address bar in order for you to know exactly where you are.

There are of course other people search finders on the internet and we do recommend that you take some time to check them out as well. The fact is, there is no one people search engine in the world that hosts all of people’s comprehensive data. Even the biggest ones will claim to host billions of records only to find that half of it is outdated.  You need to jump from one site to another like a true investigator.

Also keep in mind that there are specialty search engines out there. Some like will offer you ways to find someone’s  birthday, which you can use a reverse search data on another site.

Start with the obvious ones like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks before trying to find true people search sites like, TruePeopleSearch to name a few.


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