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Toyota Tacoma is a branded pickup truck, which is manufactured in the United States of America (USA). Toyota Tacoma is designed and manufactured by the Japanese automobile company Toyota since 1995. The model was first released in the year 1995.

Models of the Toyota Tacoma:

Toyota tacoma truck bed mat– The first generation model ran from 1995 through 2004. It was classified as the compact pickup. The second generation of the Toyota Tacoma model was released in the years from 2005 to 2015. The third generation began in 2015 and still continues. Now, these are classified as the midsize pickups. They are mainly produced in the USA and Mexico. Toyota Tacoma is one of the best pickup trucks presently being sold in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and the new French Territory of New Caledonia.

What Is The Best Bed Cover For A Toyota Tacoma?

There are many bed mat manufacturers who are offering the best bed cover for a Toyota Tacoma. Following is the top-quality bed cover for Toyota Tacoma:

1. Toyota Tacoma Bed Cover PT58035050LB

This is a heavy-weight truck bed mat, which reduces the damage to your bed truck and cargo. This bed cover is made of the compound that can withstand the harshest environments.

Key Features

  • It is made of good-quality material, which does not break or tear apart easily.
  • The bed mat has a pebble finish, which minimizes the shifting of the cargo.
  • The bed mat is the knobby underside, which is aerated.
  • This is an aerated bed mat, which promotes drainage and prevents mildew and rust.
  • It is 100% waterproof.

It has been specifically manufactured for covering the bed of the Toyota Tacoma.

2. MAXLINER A0354/B0207 for 2018 2019 2020 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, Black

MAXLINER has offered the top-quality bed mat for the Toyota Tacoma. Maxliner bed mats are made of the low-density materials, which give more durability and elasticity to your truck bed. It completely protects the floor of the truck bed. Following are the top features of the MAXLINER A0354/B0207 Toyota Tacoma bed mat:

Key Features:

  • The bed mat is equipped with the spill-saver lip. No matter what you throw at it, it locks all the dirt and spills.
  • The bed mat is reinforced, which makes the bed more flexible.
  • It does not only give the maximum protection, but it also enhances the appearance of your truck bed.
  • It protects the truck bed in all kinds of weather.
  • It is abrasion-resistant and water-resistant.
  • The MAXLINER bed mat has been exclusively engineered so it fits your car well.
  • It is a detachable truck bed, which can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • It is a 100% odorless, waterproof, and skid-resistant truck bed mat.

This is a snug-fit and ultra-modern design, which is made to withstand the test of the time. It is durable, also backed by the lifetime warranty.

3. BedRug Bed Mat BMY05SBS fits 05+ TACOMA 6′ BED

This is an excellent bed mat, which has been specially designed to fit the Toyota Tacoma truck beds. The BedRUG truck beds have been designed to fit the beds that have no pre-existing bed liners.

Key Features:

  • It is made of 100% Polypropylene, which is the ultra-tough work surface.
  • It is anti-slip and skid-resistant, saving from tipping or falling.
  •  The bed mats produce cushioning effects, which gives superior comfort.
  • It is a knee-friendly bed mat.
  • It is a 100% waterproof bed mat. It does not absorb the water – just locks it.
  • BedRug Toyota Tacoma Bed Mat is stain and chemical resistant.
  • It has an exterior of a carpet.

All in all, this is one of the best-quality and best-value bed mats for the Toyota Tacoma. BedRug offers bed mats for different models of the Toyota Tacoma.

How Big Is The Truck Bed Of A Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota Tacoma has two beds. The dimension of the short bed is 60.5 inches longs, while the large bed is 73.7 inches long. Both of the bed measurements are 19.1 inches high and 41.5 inches wide. This is the perfect dimension for carrying the cargo.

How Much Weight Can I Put In The Bed Of My Toyota Tacoma?

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma is capable of carrying and towing great amounts of weight. Toyota Tacoma can carry and two up to 6,400 pounds in its cargo. The tongue of the Toyota Tacoma can be loaded with up to 640 pounds of weight. The Toyota Tacoma has the 1,175 pounds payload capacity on its short bed. On its long bed, the Toyota Tacoma can bear the 1,370 pounds.

2020 Toyota Tacoma has increased the capacity of load carriage. When Tacoma has a 3.5-liter V6 engine, it can tow and carry the 6,500 pounds load. In its truck bed, 2020 Toyota Tacoma can carry the 1685 pounds in its truck bed.

Is A Tacoma A Half-Ton Truck?

Yes. The payload capacity of the Toyota Tacoma makes it the half-ton truck. 2020 Toyota Tacoma has a capacity of 6500 lbs.

Which Truck Is Better Tacoma Or Tundra?

Toyota Tundra is also a pickup truck that was manufactured in the year 1999 by the Japanese Automobile Industry in the United States of America (USA). It was first produced and released in the year 1999. Toyota Tundra was first manufactured as the North American Pickup Truck. Toyota Tundra has gained popularity since the last two decades. It is the top choice of consumers due to its excellent quality.  You can also consider checking out a Ford Explorer for sale as well.

Toyota Tundra is bigger and more powerful than the Toyota Tacoma. In every aspect, Tundra is better than Tacoma – size, load-bearing capacity, and engine capacity. 2019 Toyota Tundra is 19.5 feet longer than the Toyota Tacoma.

Can A Tacoma Really Tow 6500 Lbs.?

Yes. 2020 Toyota Tacoma has been manufactured to tow 6500 lbs. 2019 Toyota Tacoma is capable of towing the 6,400 lbs. The capacity of towing was increased in 2020, and now Toyota Tacoma can tow up to 6500 lbs. It is a verified fact that the Toyota Tacoma can tow the 6500 lbs. in it.

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