Traders Union experts ranked the best websites for Bitcoin mining


Traders Union analysts have compiled an unbiased ranking of the best Bitcoin cloud mining websites. The new material focuses on free Bitcoin mining sites and can be found at the link above. In the meantime, it would not be superfluous to clarify why Bitcoin is a reliable investment in 2023 and why cloud mining is good.

Why is Bitcoin cloud mining so popular today?

In 2023, another jump in the growth of the popularity of cryptocurrencies is expected. And the leader in this race is, of course, Bitcoin. Today, more and more people seek to keep their savings in Bitcoin, in the hope of its significant rise in price.

There are two ways to get Bitcoins: buy them on a crypto exchange or try mining. Mining, in turn, can be individual or cloud.

Not every user can afford individual mining due to serious costs. Buying computing power is very expensive. Connection and operation of such equipment is extremely energy-consuming. In addition, an individual miner is much less likely to mine Bitcoin than those who have more computing power.

It is very easy to participate in Bitcoin cloud mining today. It is enough to choose a reliable provider, register on its platform and pay the established participation fee.

Some danger to the user is also present. It lies in the fact that the field of cloud mining today is replete with scammers and pyramid schemes. Expert ratings are needed just in order to know which of the companies is trustworthy and which is better to bypass.

The best cloud mining providers according to Traders Union

For anyone interested in cloud mining, experts recommend for consideration the following companies:

  • StormGain
  • ECOS
  • Genesis Mining
  • IQ Mining;
  • NiceHash
  • Bitdeer

The leading place in the rating was given to StormGain. The company is known to the market since 2019. Despite this is a rather young company, it has already gained a good reputation. StormGain offers a secure wallet to protect users’ crypto and a variety of payment options. With the help of StormGain, cryptocurrency can be mined without expensive equipment. The user can earn interest on funds up to 12%. StormGain charges 0.25% fee and has a minimum deposit of $100. Its daily payouts is $50.

More information about StormGain, its pros, and cons, can be found at the source link.


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