Transforming Spaces with Orchidaceae Varieties

Orchidaceae varieties or varieties of orchids are considered chameleons of the plant world. Put orchids in any space and they’ll seamlessly interact with the decor and enhance the room’s aesthetics. They bloom in every color and will complement the space in unique ways. Investing in them means investing in your space! 

Advantages Of Having Orchids

Wondering why Orchids are timeless plants? Here are their advantages:

  • Enhances Decor

Flowers have a way of making spaces look more elegant and beautiful. Orchids come with diverse colors and extended blooms that will be just this for you. They easily blend in with your decor and will make a statement for whoever enters the room.

  • Versatile in Nature

Orchids are the chameleons of the flower world. They can sit modestly in the corner or fill it with life, depending on what you want your orchids to do. From ornate Victorian to minimalist modern, you choose! 

  • Purifies Air

If you’re looking for a natural air freshener, orchids are your best bet. They have a knack for stripping airborne toxins such as Xylene, they are an absolute necessity for your indoor health. For instance, Dendorium Orchids are known to battle against invisible chemical foes. 

  • Promotes Better Sleep

Oxygen production is not only a daytime job for Orchids. It’s round the clock! As they will equally refresh the air at night, they reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. Dendrobium Orchids are your best bet for this! 

  • Acts as Stress Relief

Orchids are the best natural antidote you’ll have. But their ability to ease your mind is not only anecdotal, scientifically, the flowers create an environment that will ease daily stresses. Orchids continuously uplift spirits, encouraging positive interactions.

  • Low Maintenence Flowers

Orchids easily grow as houseplants. They are compact, easy to grow, and bring artificial light into the home. With only a little care, they’ll bloom several times a year. They also thrive in varied conditions, meaning they could grow in mild temperatures. Orchids gain the houseplant survivalist award! 

  • All About Longevity

Don’t we all love having our flowers for the longest periods? Orchids promise you longevity. They are in it for the long haul! This attribute makes them a lasting fixture in your space. 

  • Pest Resistance Agents

Orchids are known to keep pests and diseases at bay. Have an eye out for these pesky creatures but with Orchidsrchids in your space, you’ll not see them regularly. 

Orchid Species That Will Transform Your Space Delightfully

The Orchid family is robust, holding over 25,000 species. Although we can’t list them all here, these amazing Orchid species are a great investment for your space:

  • Cattleya Orchids

Did you know that this elegant Orchid species leaves a vanilla-like smell in the air? With a ruffled and robust appearance, they are the most colorful Orchid species. Usually, they grow up to two feet tall.

  • Phalaenopsis Orchids

Also known as the moth Orchid, this species is sensitive to cold temperatures and thrive in high humidity. You’ll find them most in Australia and Southeast Asia. 

  • Paphiopedilum Orchids

If you’re a beginner Orchid grower, the Paphiopedilum species is calling your name and space! They are low maintenance, thrive in most lighting conditions, and are the perfect introduction to the plant. 

  • Dendrobium Orchids

If you’ve seen Orchids grow on objects in some spaces, they are Dendrobium Orchids. They are susceptible to overwatering and, thus, do best in high humidity. While they are delicate, the species come in beautiful colors and maintain their foliage all year round. 

  • Oncidium orchids

Known for their uniquely shaped petals, Oncidium Orchids will only favor you if you live in Central or South America. They require a cooler climate but if you get it right, they will be the ideal transformation to your space. 

  • Brassia Orchids

Distinguished by spider-like petals, these Orchid species are fragrant and voluminous as 8 to 12 flowers bloom in a single bud. They love moisture and do well in bright, diffused light. Taking care of them is as easy as watering them once a week or when the soil feels dry. 

  • Vanda Orchids

Vanda Orchids are as many as 80 different species in this genre. Their growth resembles hanging baskets with their roots exposed to plenty of air. However, they are a little fickle to grow as they need a lot of light and moisture. If you can provide these elements, they are a solid species in your space. 

Orchids are the largest and most diverse flower species in the world. They do well in highly competitive plant environments. Use and maintain them well, and they’ll always make your space look like a ten!