Traveling With Your Pet In Greece


Having a pet is so awesome no matter what pet you have. For most people, it’s considered part of the family, so the family must all travel together. Sometimes when a pet sitter isn’t an option, you got to prepare to take your pet with you and have everything you need to make your trip run smoothly. So if you’re going to visit Greece soon, for example, take a look at some of these points below to be ready for your trip with a pet.

Getting Good Ticket Prices

You will still have to pay money for your pet to come with you, so finding a great deal on tickets is necessary so it doesn’t burn a hole in your bank account. According to the people at, their collaborating companies offer you the ability to find the lowest possible price for your destination. So if you got your research done, and found good airfare prices, you and your pet can travel safely, and enjoy lovely moments in Greece where you can create a lot of memories to cherish forever.

Pet Passports and Documentation

If you’re going to travel to Greece from an EU country with your pet, it would be much easier and less of a hassle. When you are an EU citizen, you can travel with your cat, dog or any other pet freely. Just be sure to have a European pet passport made; any certified and authorized veterinarian can help you with this. Make sure all the documentation is filled and the passport has details of your pet’s anti-rabies vaccination when it’s ready. Your pet must also have an electronic microchip with the same code as the one in the pet passport, otherwise that would cause major complications and would slow down the process. But if you are traveling with your pet to Greece from the USA or any other country that’s not part of the EU, then prepare to deal with more documentation and procedures. Some of these documentations include a rabies vaccination certificate of no less than 30 days and no more than 12 months old. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip, then you must get one for it, also try to have your own microchip scanner to avoid any problems if the type isn’t complaint with the standard scanners. A well written and good health certificate from a vet within the last 10 days before your trip is important to have also before traveling.

Cautionary Tips

Even though Greece is considered to be very pet-friendly, it’s smart to check the hotels there before booking and make sure they allow pets because it’s not the standard for most hotels there. Also, something else that might upset you, there are rules that prohibit any puppies or kittens from traveling. Because they are still considered infants, you cannot administer any vaccinations before 12 weeks from the day they were born. This rule applies to both EU and non-EU countries, so unvaccinated pets can never enter Greece.

Pet Travelling Etiquette

Pet Travelling Etiquette

Generally, there are no rules that prevent you from walking around with pets in the streets and beaches of Greece, but there are some social customs and mannerisms that you need to look after and follow so you don’t disturb anyone there. Pet owners, especially dog owners, are expected to take care of their pets so that they do not bother or annoy any of the other visitors, whether it’s in the hotel or at the beach. If your pet wants to swim in the water with you, it’s better to find a more secluded side of the beach because not everyone is comfortable with swimming next to pets.

Pack Up and Get Ready

So after all your research and preparation, it’s safe to say that you are ready for the time of your life with your pet in Greece. Just remember to have everything you need, from pet toys to pet medication. Always have everything your pet could want and need, especially medication because it’s not guaranteed that you would find your pet’s prescribed medication there. Other than that, all the best wishes and fun times for you and your lovely pet!




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