Treating performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction


Sex should ideally be a way of releasing tension and stress, not a source of it. However, for some men, the thought of sex causes anxiety, embarrassment, self-doubt, or even shame. This psychological state where one feels apprehensive and nervous that everything could go wrong is sexual performance anxiety.

Although this condition affects men more than women, they also can suffer the paralyzing fear that they will not enjoy sex or accomplish anything sexually. A recent study proved that sexual performance anxiety causes premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in 10-25 percent of men, and severe inhibition to desire sex in 5-16 percent of women. If not dealt with, the condition can seriously affect a marriage or relationship status.

Anxiety is something known to occur at critical junctures before important events. It’s very natural for one to feel anxious about performance in bed. However, it will lead to erectile dysfunction and impact your sexual well-being and affect your mental health if it becomes a regular issue.

The link between anxiety and sex

Sexual performance anxiety manifests in several ways for different people. Sex-related anxiety leads to sexual disorders and dysfunctions. It prevents the autonomic nervous system from responding to sexual stimuli. This prevents the four phases of the sexual response cycle from completing successfully. The phases are:

  • Desire
  • Arousal
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual health issue that affects many men, especially older individuals with certain medical conditions. Younger men usually experience episodic or situational cases of erectile difficulties, mostly due to sexual performance anxiety. Fortunately, there are many ways of treating sexual performance issues.

No man wants to deal with erectile problems, but overcoming the condition is vital for a healthy sex life. In addition to eliminating or reducing the causes of sexual performance anxiety, medical and non-medical ways to tackle the symptoms exist. Medical solutions may include Roman ED pills such as Sildenafil, Viagra, and Cialis, among others.

Ways that can help relieve sexual performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction

1. Check on your lifestyle

Factors such as a poor diet, excessive drinking, and smoking can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Take care of yourself by cutting back on tobacco and alcohol. By building your cardiovascular fitness and getting plenty of rest, your erectile functioning will improve. Boosting self-image by enhancing your looks also goes a long way toward boosting your confidence and eliminating performance anxiety.

2. Get a health check-up

Sexual function can be attributed to many diseases such as diabetes, endometriosis, and arthritis, among others. Before you proceed to medical consultation, it’s best to rule out physiological-related causes of sexual dysfunction and anxiety. Besides, medical consultation will open the avenues for a proper diagnosis for any sexual or medical issues, and you’ll get appropriate treatment.

3. Just relax, things may improve

Stress is known to be a significant sex-life killer. Unfortunately, it could prove impossible to avoid stress in today’s world. You just need to learn how to manage it. For instance, many people find circular breathing, yoga, or meditation to be calming. Other people take working as a great stress reliever.

Establishing a work-life balance could also be helpful. Bringing your office work home can extensively interfere with a satisfying and active sex life. It can be challenging to perform well sexually when work is continuously on your mind.

4. Get help

If your sexual anxiety persists and anxiety-relieving techniques fail to help, endeavor to consult a doctor. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of owning your problems to improve your health. Don’t feel awkward to get help when you need it. You should accept your issues and be caring enough to resolve them. This could take some effort, but the result will be satisfying.

5. Address depression issues

Depression is known to co-occur with sexual performance issues. If you’re feeling depressed, make an effort to talk to someone about the problem. Enhanced sexual performance happens when one is in a positive headspace. An important point to note is that some medications for clinical treatment of depression may cause adverse side effects to sex life. Always try to talk to your doctor about how to manage them.

It’s always important to pay attention to your sex anxieties. Apart from being essential for your self-confidence levels or relationship, a healthy sex life also regulates your immune system as well as your blood pressure. There are also other options, including urethral suppositories and injections. Sometimes, a little pill is all it takes to regain confidence and get your erection back.

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