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Cutting down trees can seem like a huge project, but it is very straightforward than removing stumps. Some stumps can work fine as planters, though others only get in the way and attract termites and ants.

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Stump removal involves a lot of effort, which is why many individuals have old stumps in their yards. While removing stumps is not simple, it is doable. You can get the job done easily and quickly, especially when you use the following removal methods:

1. Rotting Method

Decay and rot are part of the life cycle, and with some encouragement, you may use the same method to clear out your yard.

To begin the process, you will have to make the stump appealing to microbial life. This includes digging holes and filling them with nitrogen-rich substances and warm water. Nitrogen and water will have the decay ball rolling, facilitating the rotting process and weakening the stump.

2. Chemical Application

Using chemicals to get rid of tree stumps is one of the least labor-intensive methods you can use. Though this procedure can take more time, particularly if the size of stumps is big.

In some situations, it might take up to one year for the removal process to be complete since you will literally rot the pesky stump. The good news, however, is that the method is affordable, especially if you have a drill and chainsaw.

3. Professional Grinding

Professional stump grinding services may have the job done within a short period at an affordable cost. Most experts offering tree stump removal services carry high-powered grinders with carbide-tipped teeth, which chews through a large wood.

Stump grinding experts may also remove stumps even those that they are very near to your house, utilities, or shed. After grinding your stumps, you may use the fine mulch:

  • In compost piles
  • Around other trees
  • In flower beds
  • As soil additives when tilling a garden

4. Burning

If you are ready for a bonfire, you may use this method to burn a tree stump, driving you crazy. You may use the technique alone or combine it with other removal methods.

To burn stumps, you might need to begin by drilling a few holes around them. Afterward, sprinkle a tree stump removal power in the holes. This helps to open up the wood, making it more porous to allow you to pour kerosene. When burning, ensure you keep a close eye on the stumps to avoid the fire from spreading beyond the confines of those stumps.

5. Grabbing Out

If you have a big 4-wheel drive car and heavy-duty chains, you can yank stumps right out of the ground. However, doing this needs considerable caution, and you might have to be keen on how to attach your chains to the stump and the truck because it can result in property damages or injuries if they slip loose in the process.

The method is also effective for smaller stumps since big root systems can make it difficult to pull it free. Enterprising homeowners, in particular, might try to use pulleys so as to enjoy the mechanical advantage, though this is beyond the comfort level and skill set of individuals without experience or formal training.

The Bottom Line!

There is no ‘simple’ method of removing tree stumps. Be it with chemicals or by hand, you will still labor over the whole removal process. However, the effort you put in might be a gratifying and great experience when everything is done.

If you don’t have the inclination or the time to handle the job yourself, the best course of action is to consult

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