Turn Any Conference Room into a Cozy Collaboration Space


Look around your office’s meeting area or conference room. Does it offer a vibrant ambiance that will make your team feel comfortable during meetings? Does it allow everyone to see or hear digital presentations? If you’re unsure about how efficient your office is, there is no need to worry. Here are four tips to get your work done efficiently especially inside the conference room.

Know Your Room’s Capacity

Determine the ideal capacity of your meeting area for conference venues Perth. You would not want to hold a formal meeting with a few employees standing up or sitting very close to one another. Employees would be distracted the whole time during the meeting with their knees meeting or their elbows bumping.

Also, some individuals might need to excuse themselves from the meeting after a short period. Passing through a cramped space can be frustrating. Therefore, it is essential for a conference room to have ample room for moving around and for employees to be comfortable.

Arrange the Table and the Chairs According to the Type of Meeting

In trainings and meetings, the arrangement of tables and chairs is crucial. Some sessions may include demonstrations, digital presentations, and collaborative activities. You must decide what kind of room arrangement suits the meeting best.

For instance, you can opt for a classroom-style setting with chairs and tables arranged by row if the meeting focuses on a discussion only. There are a lot of variations of room setups: the semicircle or U shape, the V shape, the hollow rectangle, and many others.

These variations have different corresponding functions as well. You may research about room arrangements to facilitate success the next time your organization holds a meeting.

Ensure Complete Materials

For a conference room to become efficient, it should allow convenient access to needed materials for the organizational meeting or activity. Consider installing a refrigerator or a microwave inside your conference room so that nobody will have to go back and forth to fetch snacks and refreshments.

Pens, whiteboard erasers, markers, papers, and other equipment necessary for the meeting must be prepared beforehand. And once you run out of supply, it must be replenished immediately. This way, it is unnecessary for you to bob your head side to side to see who just came in or went out of the room. Nobody else’s train of thought will be interrupted.

Utilize Technology

Technology plays a huge role in organizations these days. To make your office space more efficient, you may install a full-on teleconferencing system to fit any modest sized meeting area.

For instance, the Cisco Telepresence SX20 Quick Set can stream high-quality HD video content at 1080p60 premium resolution. It has three separate camera options that will allow you to adjust the size according to the room layout, which makes the Quick Set a versatile technological choice to have for your office.

It also boasts of a dual display, H.313, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). All these features facilitate multiparty conferencing. Adding to its efficiency, it also allows you to control the general ambiance of your room by controlling the window curtains, adjusting the lighting to set the mood, and enabling room dividers. With its impressive specs, the Cisco Telepresence SX20 Quick Set is an all-in-one package that will surely transform your simple meeting area into an efficient and comfortable collaboration space.

By integrating this kind of innovation to your office, nobody will be left out of the discussion. Every person in the room gets to see and hear the content of the meeting, thereby facilitating an influx of ideas that will be beneficial to your company. The next time you announce a meeting, your team members or employees will gladly participate instead of merely adhering to an obligation.

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