Twenty Unique Ways To Customize Your Bathroom



It doesn’t matter how big or small the space is, with the right tools and a bucket of creativity, you can turn any room into one worthy of being featured in the magazines. From splashing a coat of bold paint or installing useful shelves, here are our 20 tips to revamp and improve your everyday tiny bathroom. And for more tips, be sure to check out

Gallery walls

Why visit an art museum when you can have your own right at home? Decorate a plain wall with picture frames of your loved ones or create a mosaic of mirrors along the hallway. Not only does it create a sense of homeliness, hanging mirrors also creates the illusion of a bigger space. You can even make use of golden polished frames for a little grandness right at home.

Awkward spaces

We believe in bringing out the best of any kind of space, and that includes working with awkward corners and strange spaces. While they may first appear intimidating to decorate, they can also be charming when done right. One tip is to not force things that don’t fit, but rather work with what you already have.

Lengthen spaces

Create a sense of height and headspace by hanging things higher on your walls. Not only will it draw people’s eyes upwards, it also vertically lengthens the room. Another tip is to use tall furniture such as long mirrors and lamps.

Bold patterns

Make an impact with bold prints. While some people may have the impression that these only fit in big houses, we beg to differ. The smaller the space, the bolder the print. Why not try some leopard print in your spaces for a mini trip back to the glamorous ‘80s?

Dark colors

While dark colors have the image of making the room feel gloomy and narrow, we believe that a splash of black can help to highlight and enlarge the room when done right. Don’t forget to make use of shiny surfaces for a sense of modernity and class; they go a long way in making these mellow colors pop.

Take advantage of styles

It doesn’t matter how small or big a space is, if it has great style, it has everything a room needs. Experiment with contrasting colors and unique tile shapes for a space with character. Nothing else screams more personality than a room with distinct decorations and patterns.

Mirror medicine cabinets

Make good use of your space by replacing your flat mirror with a mirrored medicine cabinet instead. Not only will you be able to store your favorite products, but it also helps to keep the counter space of your sink clean and neat.

Large windows

Large windows

We believe that sunlight makes everything look better so install one of those big bathroom windows if you have the budget to do so. Not only will it create a sense of space, but you can also take better pictures with that natural orange glow.

Make use of shelves

If mirrored cabinets aren’t enough to store all your favorite products and decorations, consider installing some shelves for more storage space. Feel free to also place a plant for a natural and chic touch on those shelves.


Don’t just play around with colors, be open to experimenting with textures as well. From grasscloth wallpapers to soft fibers, create a sense of coziness in any space including your bathroom by decorating with rugs and towels.

Statement ceilings

If you have a room that seems pretty plain, why not try a pop of color on the ceiling? Not only will it draw people’s eyes upwards, but it also creates a sense of height in the space. Of course, the bigger the contrast in colors, the more powerful the impression.

Check your storage needs

If your storage needs are met and you still have space to spare, opt for furniture that visually expands the sense of space in the room. Some examples are console sinks and open tables, rather than their bulky varieties.

New storage solutions

For those who struggle with storage space and can’t afford to sacrifice their wall space for more bulky shelves and cabinets, why not get creative with the nook and crannies of your home? Rather than hide away your beauty products, display them on thin shelves lining your window.


Not only do drawers slide out more conveniently, but they also don’t have those clunky doors that swing out from both ends. You may find that in small spaces, cabinets doors just make it harder to keep everything

Get rid of that shower curtain

While a shower curtain keeps the water in, it also divides the space into half, making it seem smaller. If the budget allows for it, replace them with glass doors for a visually bigger bathroom.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights

Spice up the room with a small pendant light hanging from the ceiling. Not only does it give a sense of glamour, but it also directs people’s eyes upwards, lengthening the room. There is nothing else that makes a style statement like pendant lights do.

Neutral color palette

For those who prefer a more natural style, choosing a neutral color palette will instantly brighten the space with tones of white, wood, and gray hues. Opt for natural-looking materials such as wood and slate for a more earthy feel.

Maximize spaces

If the budget so allows, customizing furniture to fit in those unique shapes and spaces in your house and go a long way in saving space. Better yet, you might be lucky enough to find pieces that fit your home snugly like a glove.


While shelves are great, hooks are also handy in keeping items off the floor while still looking like a stylish display. You can hang almost anything from towels to sling bags, keep the floor and countertops free while having a customizable wall display.

Design the floor

Similar to the ceiling color pop, why not try a splash of color on the floor as well? Don’t be afraid to be bold with tiles or interesting floor patterns. Not only do they give you something nice to look at, but they also instantly improve the atmosphere of the room. If you have a small space, this won’t cost you a bomb also.


Although most people would look at small spaces as a disadvantage, there are many ways to spice up your tiny bathroom. Not only can you maximize its utility and functions with cabinets and shelves, be bold enough to transform it into your own mini art gallery.

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