Types of Backyard Fun


There’s nothing better than having fun outside on a beautiful day in any season. But, if your backyard is just a patch of grass, then you might be limited to what you and your family can do. If you’re looking for ways to spice up outdoors time for the kids, there are tons of options to consider that can all spark their imagination and help them spend their extra energy in a healthy way. Think beyond the traditional swing set, and you’ll find some incredible alternatives to stretch their legs and minds.


Trampolines are a one-stop fix for outdoor boredom because kids can enjoy them all day long. These days, you can even buy trampoline enclosures to ensure no one gets hurt while jumping. Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes so you can get one to fit both your yard and how many people will want to use it at once. If your yard is small or not many people will use it, you can get a basic circular trampoline. If you have more space and more people, though, you might consider investing in a larger rectangular trampoline.

Brain Games

Yes, outdoor games can sharpen the mind too. When you want to get out in the sun, but don’t typically look for an active activity, consider installing a chess board as a patio space. All you have to do is get alternating colored cement tiles and lay them out in a large square. From there, you can either find giant checkers or chess pieces, or use anything you have around the yard to stand in as your equipment. This is a great alternative to spending energy while also soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying a cool breeze.

Hidden Fort

Another interesting way to maximize space for your kids, especially if your yard is small, to use incorporate play areas into structures you already have. If you have a raised deck attached to your home, this is the perfect starting place to create a secret fort! Design the underneath with walls and rooms and maybe even a slide that’s attached to the top of the deck. You can build an entire play structure around the elements you already have!

There are tons of ways to create backyard fun, and these few are great ways to get your kids outdoors, exercising, and enjoying nature for a healthy, balanced afternoon.


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