Types of Businesses that Benefits PPC

Pay per click is a revolutionary way of marketing where you only pay for leads generated through adverts. It is different from general outreach marketing that focuses on mass information distribution. Online platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and such big digital giants offer PPC advertising. You only pay when a potential customer clicks on your advert.

Once the person clicks the advert, you need to redirect them to a landing page that has all the information that you need to convert. Not all types of businesses can benefit from a pay per click campaign. Some will not benefit because of the nature of their service or product offering. Listed below are business types that are using PPC to good effect:

Home Services Companies

The contracting world in the home services product market is competitive. Local competitors always try to outdo each other. They want to outbid each other for projects. However, those that understand digital marketing are now using PPC to bring leads to them instead of them trying to sell themselves to potential customers. Home services PPC is also very competitive, with contractors competing on who shows up first on the search page. Despite the competition, PPC is still the surest way of getting qualified leads in the installation, service, maintenance, and maintenance industry in the home services market.

These home services businesses include construction, remodeling, pest control, lawn care, HVAC contractors, plumbing experts, locksmiths, garage door companies, and many other companies in this category. They all share the same thing; they make the life of a homeowner comfortable. PPC works very well because you can target customers along their buying journey. 


People who want lawyers rarely call the first company that shows up in the search engine results pages. They, more often than not, start with gathering information. So, providing information to customers is just one-step of converting the potential client. Since the people are likely to scour through the search for more details, retargeting through PPC works perfectly for law firms and individual lawyers. 

Doctors and Other Medical Professionals

Physicians and hospitals also do the same thing as lawyers do. However, customers in the two areas reason differently. A customer who is looking for a lawyer wants to experience. The patient wants a person who can speak authoritatively about the problem that he or she is having. Players in this area want to offer authoritative landing pages for PPC. Unlike a customer for a legal firm, patients are always time-barred. They want attention as soon as possible. PPC works instantly for physicians.  

Automotive Businesses

These businesses are always in a massively competitive environment. Different brands want to compete, and so are different dealerships. The beauty of automobile customers is that they take time before they eventually buy. Automobile companies, therefore, start with organic search and display ads before they can start individual campaigns that involve subscriptions, follow-ups, and retargeting marketing campaigns.

 Digital Services Companies

They probably pioneered PPC, as we know it today. Companies and individuals who are looking for digital services such as digital marketing services, enterprise software, cloud computing, and such services always use PPC. It helps those companies that do not have the resources to compete with digital giants on an organic search.

The majority of general search traffic rarely affords the services of the industry leaders who are likely to occupy the top spots on search but can afford services of smaller market players. Such companies are thriving, thanks to PPC.


Major retailers know that most shoppers rarely buy one item. They also know those products that are likely to be in a buyer’s basket upon check out. They are using such products to lure customers into their eCommerce store. Once there, they are likely to purchase even more. The typical PPC price for standard goods is low. Therefore, the PPC advert is just a quick and cheap way of making regular sales from popular products.

Education businesses

Educational companies and institutions are always looking for students for their programs. Most of them are using PPC, making it mandatory for anyone looking to make traction in the industry to use such an advertising model. For these businesses, paying for every lead works well because every conversion comes at a small cost to the business. Besides, the lifetime value of the customer is high considerably.

If your competitors are using PPC, you are also ready to compete in that marketing space. Many types of businesses are already using this marketing model to great effect. Lawyers, physicians, home services businesses, retailers, educational institutions, and digital services companies are all on the forefront. They are achieving tremendous growth and achievement. You, too, can do it.