Types of Designer Saree Material Every Woman Should Own

There is no denying the fact that designer sarees are poetry in motion -depicting everything that is the most elegant, the most attractive, and the best about this ubiquitous piece of garment. Designer variants of sarees will feature their own glamorous appeal that spans borders, styles, and even age groups as you go ahead with flaunting your best-ever collection of designer party sarees.

There is always lingering confusion about selecting the right saree material. With a myriad of material options available out there for designer sarees, you need to prioritize your fashion preferences and comfort while adorning them. To ease your confusion, we have devised a list of the best saree materials every woman should have in her wardrobe.

What are the Most Popular Designer Saree Materials

As you continue your quest for the best party wear designer saree, you should understand the importance of choosing the best material in the first place. It is the material or fabric of the apparel that adds comfort, verve, and class to any saree -irrespective of its design, pattern, or shade. So, what are the best materials for stylish sarees? Here are some options:


If you wish to purchase a party saree, satin fabric turns out to be the best option to stand out. A number of influencers and celebrities can be observed adorning sarees made out of the satin fabric at high-end functions and even parties.

Satin serves to be an effortless fabric that is capable of striking the perfect balance between glamor and grace. It is a wrinkle-free, long-lasting saree fabric that offers your outfit a graceful fall while imparting a contemporary, fresh appearance throughout. Sarees made out of the satin fabric appear great always while offering the right amount of sheen for adorning the same even in the form of evening wear.

For the ultimately fab look, you can think of pairing a plain standard color satin saree with an embroidered blouse.


Silk is a gracious, delightful fabric that is used for making designer apparels like sarees. Silk, in fact, is one of the most expensive and highly sought-after fabrics -especially if you are attending a party or a wedding. With respect to the overall comfort, pleating, ease of draping, silk sarees of the finest quality are regarded as exceptional choices for high-end events or occasions.

When you are searching for the right silk fabric, you will come across a myriad of options -ranging from Banarasi Silk to pure raw silk, munga silk, and velvet silk. All of these variants are a work of art in their own rights. Due to the involvement of fine weaving and unmatched craftsmanship, Banarasi Silk Sarees are the most preferred variants across India.

Silk sarees are bound to make you look elegant while uplifting your overall mood instantly as you feel gorgeous and confident. You can put on your favorite Banarasi Silk Saree for a special occasion like a wedding and complement the look with heavy jewelry and accessories.

Georgette or Chiffon

Georgette is one of the most widely used fabrics for the manufacturing of sarees in India. The light effect of gorgeous georgette sarees imparts is a delicate appearance throughout. The fabric will enhance your curves beautifully while delivering a classy look to any event or party. The georgette fabric for sarees is extremely versatile. You can wear the fabric for both fancy events or even day-to-day apparel when you wish to feel light and stylish at the same time.

Georgette sarees are available in a plethora of shades and colors. Moreover, the ombre effect of the fabric appears great on your apparel -imparting it a contemporary feel. Georgette or chiffon sarees are non-complicated and non-fussy. They are available in interesting hues and shimmering designs to highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of the manufacturing process.

Georgette sarees that are made for special appearance usually feature embellishments as they are beautifully decorated with thread work and appliques to enhance the overall look. These offer a flattering look while delivering the overall ease of pleating.

Choosing the Right Saree for Your Body Type

As far as your body type is concerned, when you choose sarees according to your size and shape, it can work wonders for your entire look. Every body type will require a particular type of saree working for the right body shape. Some tips are:

Pear-shaped Body

Are your hips wider than your bust? Indian women featuring a pear-shaped body type should refrain from wearing mermaid-cut sarees as they will make your lower body appear bulkier. To bring about the perfect balance of the upper & lower body, you can opt for premium fabrics like chiffon and georgettes. As far as the shades are concerned, you can choose bright and pastel hues to complement your overall style.

Apple-shaped Body

You have an apple shape when your stomach and bust areas are heavier than the remaining body. The best saree fabric or variant for this body shape is the one featuring beadwork or embroidery. Those having a heavier waist can think of covering the area by draping saree in a specific fashion or even choosing a longer blouse capable of tucking away the stomach area.

Avoid putting on net fabrics on such body types. Silk is your go-to fabric for designer sarees as it accentuates your overall curves.

Hourglass-shaped Body

Indian women featuring an hourglass body type have a proportionate ratio for hips and bust with a well-defined waist. They are naturally voluptuous with beautiful curves. As such, these women are capable of pulling of chiffons, georgettes, net, and silk fabrics. These fabrics for party sarees will accentuate your overall curves while highlighting them at the same time.


With a wide range of materials and fabrics to choose from, you can bring home a designer saree of your choice. Make sure that you buy the right materials well-suited for your body type to look your best in all occasions.