Types of Essays That University Students Should Learn

During your academic career at university, you will be asked to write various types of essays. You need to understand each type to complete the assignment correctly. However, knowing the different types of essays helps you stick to the type you prefer. It also helps you convey your ideas in a more engaging way. In addition to understanding the types of essays, you should also learn how to write them well.

1. Expository essay

An expository essay is a kind of writing that describes a situation or event and provides factual information about it. These essays are usually used as literature or art analysis. They present the subject in an organized way by using examples, facts, and data. It is important to write expository essays in a neutral tone.

Creating an expository essay involves gathering and presenting facts to support your points. You may use statistics, anecdotal evidence, or a comparison and contrast. Make sure that your facts are cited correctly.

Once you have gathered your information, the next step is to create an expository essay outline. An expository outline helps you organize your ideas and reduces the time spent writing your essay. The outline will also give you the direction you need to research your topic.

2. Problem and solution essay

A problem and solution essay is another type of writing that is used to explain a problem and offer several solutions to it. It involves an investigation into the best methods and techniques for solving an issue. It is a good idea to do research on the subject before writing this type of essay. You should be able to explain why the problem is happening and why your solution is the best.

3. Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is another type of writing that describes a subject or object with great detail. This type of essay can be about a person, place, or idea. You want to convey to the reader an image of the topic that is clear and vivid.

4. Narrative essay

A narrative essay is a short memoir about a person or an object. It is written in the third person. It tells the story of the person’s or object’s real-life experience. You can describe anything from driving your first car to a trip to England with your family.

Whether you are writing a narrative essay for a class assignment, or for a scholarship, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that your essay is written well.

Writing a narrative essay is different from other types of writing because it requires the writer to tell a story. You can either write about something that happened to you, or you can tell a fictional story.

If you have a difficult time choosing a topic for your essay, you can always ask your instructor for approval. If you have an idea for an essay but do not know where to begin, you can always take Custom essay writing service support in writing your essay. You will receive prompts and expert-written essays that will help you finish your essay faster.

5. Social Justice Essay

Social justice essays ask students to discuss issues of race, discrimination, and diversity in society. They ask students to explain their experiences and talk about how they deal with these issues.

They also ask students to explain how they feel about these issues and how they have benefited from social justice. These essays require students to show their genuine interest and care about these issues.

6. Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is another type of writing that requires students to think critically. In this type of writing, you need to be able to acknowledge your opponent’s position and then explain why you are correct. It is important to do research and take notes before writing this type of essay.