Types of Fishing Rod


A fishing rod is essential equipment for fishing because you can’t catch fishes with your hands. There are different types of fishing rod in the market to meet your demand.

Each fishing rod has a different feature; it’s easy to decide a category per your requirement. The selection depends on the place you’re going to for fishing; it may be a lake, river, pond or sea. Especially, types of fishing rods saltwater are quite different from others.

I would suggest you go to the market and then select a fishing rod after checking its function and type; so, let’s know the types.

The Fishing Rods Type

You’ll have multiple types of the tool due to its basics, structures and usage. The types are:

1. Telescopic Fishing Rod

It’s a short-length fishing rod you can use to catch fish from a short distance or short in height. You can carry it while traveling by road or water because it has adjustable parts and easy to carry.

The primary disadvantage of a telescopic fishing rod is if you fully extend it, its part can easily be stuck anywhere. Moreover, you should keep it clean; otherwise, sands or other particles will damage its parts.

2. Spinning Rod

It’s the most common fishing rod among different fishing rods; it is popular among beginners. If you’re a new fisherman or fishing out of your hobby, you can use it. It’s light-weight, so you can quickly shorten or extend the rod.

It smoothly goes under the water without getting stuck and reaches the prey (fish) with a lure. The spinning reel is usually spotted on the rod top.

3. Fly Rod

It’s a carbon fibered rod, light in weight because the rod and hook are joined with fur and feathers. The rod smoothly goes back and forth; the movement looks like flying. They are made of different sizes and shapes per your demand.

With their different shapes and sizes, you can catch fish from moving boats or mountain waterfalls. You can catch various types of fish, even a tiny Tuna fish as well.

4. Ice-Fishing Rod

They are also short-length rod (25-37) inches; they don’t have too many eyes as spin or fly rods. They’re also light-weight because of their configuration and structure. Another specialty is ice rods don’t use any fishing reels.

5. Sea Fishing Rod

Sea fishing rods are quite different from the other ones because they’re made for fishing in the ocean and seas. That means they are made as heavy-duty and professional fishing rods. That’s why they are heavier and more robust than the other fishing rods.

They have thicker rods and more eyes on the rods. You can use them while on a ship and catching big fishes.

6. Trolling Fishing Rod

They are another type of fishing rod to catch bigger fishes as sea fishing rods. If you plan to go for a vacation and fishing, the trolling fishing rod is the right choice.

The best thing about the trolling fish rod is you can attach its back to the boat, and it will catch fishes from the moving boat.

7. Casting Fishing Rod

Among all types of fishing rod, casting fishing rod is the newest addition. It has two categories; spinning cast fishing rod and bait cast fishing rod. Both models are equally popular in the market and, no one differentiates between them.

You can control the rod and set the lure to the point you want. It goes to the point you want, so you can use this fishing rod if you’re wearing fish finder glasses.

Different Types of Fishing Poles

Though sometimes fishing rods and fishing poles are considered as the same equipment, they are not. They differ in the lines and the raw materials because fishing poles are made of natural raw materials as usual. The types of fishing poles, according to materials, are:

Now, most of the poles are made of either graphite or composite for heavy-duty purposes.

The Types of Fishing Rods and Reels

You’ve seen the categories of fishing rods, there are different fishing reels as well. Let’s see some primary fishing reels so that you can select the suitable one.

  • Spin Reel
  • Fly Reel
  • Baitcast Reel
  • Fly Reel

These are the primary and most used fishing reels, but there are more reels available for you in the market or online.


Choose your fishing rods, reels and poles per your choice and necessity. You need to know the types of fishing rod before selecting one; you may try them while buying in the shop if you want. That’s why I would prefer shopping from the market than online.

Have the sporty spirit while fishing; enjoy it with the best fishing rods and other equipment. If you’re a professional fisherman, you should choose the heavy-duty professional rods. On the other hand, if you’re doing it for fun, go for the light ones.

Take an expert with you while choosing a fishing rod for you and learn for some time before you go out for it.