Types Of Grow Lights for Indoor Plants


Indoor gardening always gives you to have fresh vegetables, herbs, or fruits. Or it will refresh your mind when your flower gives you a beautiful look. A proper environment needs to grow your plants. Sunlight is not always perfect for every plant; some plants may need low Light to survive. You can know about different types of grow lights for indoor plants in this article. LED grow lights, fluorescent lights, Incandescent bulbs, and HPS lights use as increasing lights for plants. The growing lights also add some benefits to our plant to have a perfect greenhouse.

About Grow Light

Every plant of green color needs Light for the photosynthesis process. In this system, special cells of the plants use Light’s energy and convert it into sugar for themselves. And give their oxygen off for us. Different types of plants need different kinds of lights.

Some plants properly work in bright sunlight, some need low Light, or some need medium type. Seedling needs more bright Light than the big one. If they do not get proper Light, they become weak. In the sunny area, they get decent Light for growing normally. But most of the time in the winter, they do not need proper duration of Light. You can know more about grow light in mygardenings.

Types Of Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Grow lights are divided into four principal categories according to the need of the plants.


Florescent lights are primarily used for cultivating herbs or vegetables indoors. This Light is used for home gardeners. The Light has low lights and provides an appropriate spectrum for growing. Fluorescent lights are energy-efficient than incandescent lights. They are very budget-friendly. This growing Light produces low heat, and it is very safe and effective for plants.

Fluorescent lights can be divided into two types.

Compact Fluorescent light

Reduced Fluorescent Lights are surpassing the utilization of conventional glowing bulbs for all use cases of lighting. They use 20-30 percent of the energy of classic incandescent

Fluorescent tube

They are long-lasting and more efficient. The best point is, they are fragile, and that’s why they will fit into tiny space.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are better for a few types of plants, but they are not suitable for photosynthesis. Because they do not provide the correct wavelength, but they are very much cost-saving Light. They should use caution of maintaining over 2feet or more distance to prevent plants from damaging heat.

HPS or HID (High Pressure Sodium or High Intensity Discharge)

In commercial growing, it is used by a most experienced user. They are efficient and expensive enough than other lights. They throw a lot of Light with discharge high energy but produce more petite flowers. They are often used for the leafy growth of a plant. They need a good investment to set up, and managing heat and ventilation complicate setup.

LED (light Emitting Diodes)

LED provides at about 5700 thousand color temperature of sunlight and produces a blue and red spectrum for growing flower or vegetables. LED lights are costly. They offer a little heat like 0 or near 0. Its wavelength is targeted within ranges of color. Low energy and high-efficiency usage.

The benefit of using Grow Lights

The grow lights have some benefits that will help your garden be more productive as you want.

Proper Spectrum

Wavelength dimension of light matters to the growth of a plant. Growing Light can help to develop different plant responses. Such as LED Light has variety for growing plants or harvesting. It depends on the wavelength or intensity.

Quick Growing Cycle

When plants have proper sunlight, they grow very fast. Excessive lights also decrease growth. There is a different type of HID or LED lights that avoid heat damage. The growing lights are made for growing inappropriate Light for different kinds of plants. And when they are in good Light, their cycle will remain quickly.

Less Heat discharges

Direct sun is not appropriate for all plants, and only a few can survive in direct sunlight. Excessive Light or water can make your plant die or leggy. You do not control sunlight for the plants, but you can use grow lights and adjust the heat because the wavelength is vital for plants.

Interchangeable design

Different types of LED growing Light have the latest technology with components that can be used with modern features. The panel consists of panels, lenses, fans, or different types of drivers. You can use it to modify and get something interchangeable in your garden.

How do I choose an indoor grow Light?

When it is time to choose indoor grow Light, you should consider three factors.

Type: In different grow lights, you can choose one that suits your plant type. Where your plants are located, types of the plants, what about its existing Light, and so on. Desktop lights are small, and the hanging type is more extensive.

Size: Growing light size can depend on how many plants do you want to cover. If you need to move lights, you can choose the portable type.

Wattage: It is not much important factor for natural Light, but it is crucial to growing Light. The critical metric for the plant is called Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, which is complex. But wattage is accessible at all.

Grow Light Placement Tips

When you are using grow Light, you should take care of the lights with your plants. So here are tips for you.

  1. It would help if you tried to choose the correct numbers of Light
  2. Maintain the perfect height for your tent where you put the plants.
  3. Adjust the light size that is perfect for your plants.
  4. It is good to use additional growing Light
  5. Please turn your Light off on a regular basis.
  6. Try to make a schedule of rotation
  7. Follow up the temperature

Take Away

Gardening will not be accessible if you do not have a piece of good knowledge about ins and out about it. And light is one of the essential parts for growing plants properly. Varies types of grow lights for indoor plants will allow you to maintain different types of plants. With the right fixture of that Light, you can make your garden full of flowers or have fresh fruits if you follow or maintain it properly.


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