Types of Materials For Making Fashion Clothes Labels


A label can be made from various materials based on its design and intended use. Suppose you want a trendy and modern look, for example. In that case, you should choose custom silicone labels made of the highest quality materials with a unique design so that consumers are interested in the design and want to buy your product.

Especially for making your clothing labels, some commonly used materials generally consist of satin, nylon, and woven materials with their characteristics.

1. Woven Shirt Labels

Woven material is the most widely used material on clothing labels, especially for various apparel products such as t-shirts, jackets, and sweaters. This clothing label has also begun to be widely used for bag and wallet products.

The most distinctive features that distinguish woven labels from other types of labels are:

  • In detail, there are many types of woven materials. Some are rough and soft.
  • Coarse or soft woven texture depends on the quality of the yarn and stitches.
  • Good quality woven labels when touched will feel soft and supple and have no fine hairs, so they will not interfere with the wearer’s comfort.
  • The price of woven labels is generally quite affordable, so the material will not significantly affect the price of the clothes.

2. Satin Shirt Labels

Clothing labels made of satin are included in the label, which has a very smooth and soft texture so that it can be used on various types of clothing. Because of the fine fiber, this shirt label will still feel safe and comfortable when worn.

The most distinctive features that distinguish satin labels from other types of labels are:

  • These satin clothing labels generally have a shiny texture and can be made 100% the same as the original design.
  • With the printing method using a particular printing machine makes satin labels relatively easy and fast.
  • The ease of making these labels can be since satin labels do not require a knitting system like woven labels.

3. Nylon Shirt Labels

Nylon Shirt Labels

The next type of material that is also often used in the manufacture of clothing brands is a type of nylon material. Nylon clothing labels are a type of clothing label sold at a price that is not too expensive. These clothes labels are also widely available in the market.

However, if you want to make clothing labels with hang tag models, you can use raw materials like paper, leather, mica, or acrylic.

  1. The type of paper commonly used for hang tags is mostly ivory paper with different thicknesses or gradation levels so that later this paper label can also be made in various sizes according to the maker’s needs.
  2. You also use leather in making hang tag labels. A leather tag custom can be designed with the advantage of being a solid material and giving a more elegant impression of the product. For jeans, it will be more interesting if you use a leather label.
  3. Using paper labels, hang tags can also be made from mica or acrylic materials, which are more flexible than paper. When exposed to water, they do not get wet.

Tips for Choosing Clothes Labels

Want to order clothing labels for product promotion tools but are still confused about what kind of clothing labels to wear? So that you do not make the wrong choice, here we share some things to consider in determining label material and label size.

  1. Before choosing the clothes label material, determine what image you want to instill in the brand that you stretcher. Choosing a suitable theme can indirectly provide many benefits.
  • Adding value to your fashion business products.
  • Provide identity in every fashion product.
  • Make your fashion products attractive.
  1. Adjust the size of the clothing label to the needs of your product, do not focus too much on the growing trend. Because the size of the clothes label that is right for a particular product is not necessarily the right fit for your product.
  2. Prepare a particular budget for making clothing labels. If your budget tends to be limited, you can still use cheap clothing labels by choosing the correct alternative material for clothing labels.
  3. To create a classy impression. Ideally, the selected label material must be of high quality to be comfortable. In this case, you can use clothing labels made of satin, nylon, and woven materials.
  4. After choosing the suitable label material, determine where the label will be placed. For minimal convenience, you should also place the label appropriately.

Clothes Label Placement

As a necessary means of promotion, the placement of clothing labels on a clothing product should not be arbitrary. This is intended so that consumers can see the clothing label more efficiently and better support the image of the product you want to display.

Depending on the design and purpose of use, clothing labels can be found in various shapes and sizes. The labels in question are in the form of small folding clothes labels and tongue model clothes labels that have their uniqueness.

1. Small Folding Shirt Label

The label for clothes with small folds is usually placed on the shirt’s bottom left or joint. In addition, there is also a type of folding label that can be placed on the left or right sleeve of the clothing as well as on a t-shirt.

2. Tongue Shirt Label

Especially for the type of tongue model clothes labels, the installation can be directly sewn on the inside of the collar of the clothes (for example, on the shirt’s collar).

The stitch patterns used can usually differ when attaching clothing labels, whether on clothing products, bags, or accessories. However, as long as the stitches are neat, the resulting clothes will also be more pleasing to the eye, look more attractive, and seem exclusive.

With continuous design experience and quality, Aseefashion is a trusted clothing fashion label service provider that ensures the quality of the labels you will get!

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