Types of Trucks Used in Construction

Heavy equipment has a factor of effectiveness and efficiency greater than the work done manually. This heavy equipment cannot just be distributed to the field because they need other heavy equipment that functions as a conveyance.

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Not only heavy equipment that needs to be transported to the field but building materials or materials need it. Also, you can consider Abnormal Load Transport is an excellent choice for goods transport safely.
The choice of conveyance is very influential on the goods to be transported, the condition of the terrain to be traversed to the field, and also depends on the function of the conveyance.

In construction works, special hauling equipment that is often used is dump trucks, trailers, dumpers, and other tools. These special conveyances have different functions, advantages, and disadvantages for doing all kinds of jobs such as being a wood chip trailer and more. As explained in this paper is about dump trucks.

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The advantages of using a small truck are as follows:

1)  More agile in operation
2)  It’s easier to operate
3)  Flexible in long-distance transportation
4)  Consideration of the work path is simpler
5)  Adjustment to loader capabilities is easier
6)  If one truck in one unit does not work, there is no problem with total production.
While the disadvantages are as follows:
1) More  lost time, due to a large number of trucks in operation, especially when loading
2)  Excavators are more difficult to load because of the small tub
3)  More drivers needed
4)  Maintenance costs are greater because there are more trucks
5)  Increase investment because of the large number of trucks.
Big Truck

Today, there are many types of Dump Trucks on the market, the following will explain several types and types of Dump Trucks, namely:

1)  Articulated Dump Truck

Articulated Dump Truck commonly abbreviated as ADT is a combination of the tractor-trailer, where the cabin and dump body can move freely and flexibly when passing through wet and muddy land. This type of truck can also be used to transport loads on rough and irregular terrain. Articulated dump trucks can also load more material with longer distances. If the condition of the land through which the former quarry and muddy pile is passed, then the Articulated Dump Truck needs to be combined again with a motor grader that speeds up cycle times.
Articulated Dump Truck has 6 characters as follows:

  1. Easy articulation of machine operation
  2. The oscillation tube and artic hinges cause the dump truck to spin 360o and ensure the six wheels stay in contact with the ground. This makes the truck more stable, safety guaranteed, and more efficient engine utilization.
  3. Articulated Dump Trucks are made of perfect and durable steel frames
  4. A strong dump truck system can carry larger loads
  5. Automatic transmission
  6. High-flotation tire, making it easy for dump trucks to operate in various conditions.

2)  Rigid Dump Truck

Rigid Dump Truck is a type of dump truck based on the motion system is rigid. The usefulness of this type of dump truck is almost the same as Articulated Dump Truck. This tool is suitable for use to transport material at medium to long distances (500 meters or more). This machine has a large workload, so the machine owner must maintain the highest equipment availability.

3)  Mining/Quarry Dump Truck

Quarry dump truck is a type of dump truck that is commonly used in mining areas that functions to transport mining products such as coal.
This truck has a very large haulage capacity, so maintenance is relatively expensive. Based on the motion system, the Quarry Dump Truck is rigid, so that the performance of this machine is the same as the Rigid Dump Truck, the difference is the function when used at the time of implementation.
The advantage of this type of heavy equipment is that it can transport newly mined material from large-capacity mining sites. While the shortcomings of this heavy equipment are inflexible motion and require a large space of motion.

4)  Standard Dump Truck

Standard Dump Trucks are trucks that can be emptied without handling. Dump trucks are commonly used to transport construction materials. Standard Dump Trucks are equipped with an open body that is operated with hydraulic assistance, the front of the body can be lifted upward, allowing the material to be transported down to the desired location.

5)  Transfer Dump Truck

Transfer Dump Truck is a Standard Dump Truck that can pull separate trailers and can transport construction materials such as (gravel, sand, asphalt, etc.). Usually, this type of dump truck has 2 tanks A and B. The second material is in the trailer (body B), supported by electricity, pneumatic motorized or hydraulic lines. The material in body B is transferred to the empty body (body A) in front of it by launching by relying on a small wheel that moves like a rail. This can maximize load capacity without compromising the maneuverability of a Standard Dump Truck.

6)  Side Dump Truck

Side Dump Truck is one type of dump truck that can spit out its load to the side which functions to transport material during construction. The side dump truck consists of 3 axles pulling tractor and 2 axle semi-trailer. This type of dump truck has a hydraulic ram that functions to tilt the dump body and spill the material it carries to the right or left of this side dump truck. In loading conditions carried out in a narrow and long place, the use of this type of truck is the right choice.

7)  Rear Dump Truck

Rear Dump Truck is one type of dump truck that is useful for transporting construction material that is used for lifting the material by lifting the front of the body. Rear dump trucks are used to transport various types of material. However, loose material such as soil and dry sand is a common material transported by this type of dump truck. Materials such as rocks can damage the truck. So, the transfer must be careful. The body capacity of this type of truck is 25 – 250 tons.

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