Ukrainian brides: How to understand that a girl is in love with you?


You met a woman on the Internet and have been communicating for a long time. You are in love, but you are not sure the feeling is mutual. How to understand that she takes you seriously? Let’s talk in this article.

Internet dating is always a certain risk because you can’t be 100% sure about the person on the other side of the screen.

Behind the beautiful photos, a scammer may be hiding, whose only goal is to lure you out of money. Therefore experts advise registering on trusted sites of Ukrainian brides , where you can meet real women, who crave relationships just like you.

If you are already in a virtual relationship with a woman, but still doubt her honesty and sincerity, the best solution is to meet in person, during which you will check her feelings. But if you want to know the bride’s attitude towards you before the meeting, pay attention to the 7 signs of a femme in love.

Seven clear signs that a girl is in love with you

  1. Her eyes and look. It is believed that the eyes cannot lie, because they are a mirror of the girl’s soul and give away her feelings in the first place. A femme in love will look at you intently, often, expressively. You will notice that she is genuinely interested in your words and will listen to you attentively during the video communication. The open look, the happy smile, and the joy of communicating with you are clear signs of a partner’s attitude towards you.
  2. Body language and behavior. A caring woman is always trying to please her chosen one. She is beautifully dressed, with makeup and hairstyle – these are the signs of careful preparation for each of your meetings. A Slavic bride grows up with a sense of beauty. Since childhood, she sees her mom fixing herself up to please the dad. Therefore Ukrainians, Russians, and other Slavic ethnic groups are always well-groomed and beautifully dressed. Especially if they really like a man. This is a distinctive feature of Ukrainian brides.
  3. Violation of your personal space also takes place. A girl can call you at any time, not shy to invade your personal space. After all, in her mind, you already belong to her. At the same time, she is happy when you also violate her comfort zone. The closer you are, the happier she is.
  4. She is always interested in your affairs. When the partner is caring, she is interested in everything about you: work, hobbies, problems, and even a daily routine. During communication, she will ask you about everything in the world and will show sincere interest in your words.
  5. Caring is one of the most important manifestations of falling in love. It is well-known that a woman needs to take care of someone. If you’re sick, she’ll ask 10 times how you’re feeling, recommend the best remedies and make you lie down under a warm blanket.
  6. Emotional tension and excitement around you. A slight blush and frequent breathing indicate the girl likes you. Clearly, it’s hard to be guided by these signs through a video call, but developing observation skills won’t hurt you if you really want to be sure of the partner’s attitude towards you.
  7. She wants to get to know your friends and relatives. A bride-to-be’s interest in your surroundings indicates that she is serious and wants to learn even more about your life.

Get ready for an interested person to barge into your life like a hurricane. Especially if she is a Slavic bride. According to their belief and culture, the man belongs to them entirely, so you will have to talk to them a lot and openly.

Signs that a girl is using you

At the same time, while you’re looking closely at your chosen one, the following points should alert you:

  • she calls you not to communicate, but only when there is a need for your help;
  • she tells you about her relationships with other men, comparing you to them;
  • the woman has little interest in you and your life and doesn’t show enthusiasm during conversations;
  • she avoids talking about possible meetings, limiting herself to chatting.

Have patience and observation, and then you will understand the true attitude of the woman to you. Believe me, this skill is useful not only for dating but also in other areas of life.

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