Ultimate Guide on How To Clean a Ping Pong Paddle

Do you know why ping pong players spend hundreds of dollars on ping pong paddle? It is because a paddle is the most crucial component of your table tennis kit. The whole gameplay – the ball bounce, topspins, returns, serves all depends on your table tennis bat!

However, buying the best ping pong paddle is not the solution. You also need to properly clean and well-maintain the paddle. Yes, you are reading it correctly. Though you can simply replace the paddle rubber that’s not a feasible option.

So instead of wasting your money on rubber replacements – how about using some quick, cheap and easy tips and tricks on ‘how to clean a ping pong paddle’ discussed in this article?

Why Is Cleaning Ping Pong Paddle Important?

Many domestic ping pong players fail to realize the importance of paddle cleaning. But this is, in fact, a necessary precautionary step if you want to enjoy quality table tennis games. With time the rubber on the ping pong paddles accumulates dirt, dust, and sweat – resulting in a sticky surface. Plus the sweat and dirt get accumulate into rubber pores.

All of these factors combine affects the quality of play. The ball bounce, spins, servers and strokes get affected. Furthermore, the player reduces control over hits as well. In addition to the gameplay, an unclean and unattended ping pong paddle gets damaged and susceptible to wear & tear.

So if you want to save yourself from spending hundreds of dollar bills on buying ping pong paddles every now and then, make sure that your paddles are well maintained and clean!

How Often Should You Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle?

How often and frequently you must clean your ping pong paddle depends upon certain factors. However, you must always wipe the paddle with a clean cloth before using it. other factors that determine whether your paddle needs to be clean or not include:

Cleaning Method

If you prefer cleaning solutions for the paddle then you must clean the paddles once a week. On the other hand, if you use the sponge/toothbrush & warm method then clean it after every gaming session.


If you keep your table tennis set up in a space like a garage or a backyard then make sure to clean the paddles periodically or weekly.

Type Of Rubber

Whether you are using an inverted pimpled rubber or outside pimpled rubber is another significant factor in how often you should clean your paddle. If you use outward pimple rubber then clean the paddle after every gaming session and twice a week at least!

How You Store The Paddles?

paddles that are stored without any protective case must be cleaned once a week.

How Long Your Store Paddle?

If your ping pong paddles spend more time in storage then make sure to clean them periodically.

Guide To Clean a Ping Pong Paddle

Cleaning a ping pong paddle is not only about what you should use or how should you clean it. but it also involves all the factors that you should avoid. It is because the ping pong paddle rubbers are sensitive and any wrong cleaner or carelessness can damage its surface. Therefore, in this section, we have discussed both do’s and don’t of Ping Pong Paddle Cleaning!

How To Clean The Paddle

There are three different ways to clean your regular ping pong Paddle. These includes:

Water and Sponge Method

This is the most simple and cheapest paddle rubber cleaning method. Everyone has a sponge at home and access to clean water. Simply juts warm the water and use your regular kitchen sponge.

Dip the sponge in the water and scrub the paddle rubbers very gently. Avoid vigorous scrubbing as it might damage the rubbers. Scrub until the dirt and other particles are getting off the rubbers.

Once you are done, just let the rubber pads air dry. And they’ll be good as new again.

The Toothbrush Method:

The sponge method is not feasible when it comes to rubbers with pimples. Because the dirt buildup is between them. Therefore, you need a toothbrush to wipe away the nasty dirt particles off the paddle rubbers. Dip the toothbrush in hot water and gently rinse the paddle rubbers and let it dry.

The Cleaning Solution!

If both the above methods are not working for you especially in case of oil build-up on the rubbers, then you need a cleaning solution. These cleaning solutions are specifically designed to clean any type of dirt build-up from ping pong paddle rubbers.

These rubber cleaning solutions come in the form of sprays and foam. You can use a sponge or toothbrush (in case of an outward pimpled rubber) to apply the rubber cleaning solution on the surface.

Though this is an effective method to clean your paddle rubbers, always read the labels. So that you can buy the gentle rubber cleaning products. Otherwise, the strong rubber cleaning products will deteriorate the paddle rubbers.

Use a Quality Paddle Case

An important step for paddle cleaning and maintenance is storing the paddle into a supreme quality protective cover. Even if you store your paddle into TT table cover pockets make sure to use a separate protective cover for your ping pong paddles.

Things To Avoid

  • Do not use soap or detergents to clean the paddle rubbers.
  • Don’t use any rough or rigid cloth or sponge to clean the paddle rubber.
  • Never put the ping pong paddle rubbers directly into the warm water.
  • Don’t leave the cleaning solution on the rubber for hours.
  • Avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaning solutions.
  • Avoid bleach or alcohol to clean the paddle rubber.
  • Always cover your ping pong paddle with plastic after the play.
  • Don’t eat food or drink beverages near the paddles.
  • Always wipe the paddle handles and edges as well